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2007 American WJTA Conference & Expo
Houston, Texas


Session A - Cleaning and Surface Prep

A1 What Effect Does Waterjet Cleaning Have on the Surface and Surface Preparation
L. Frenzel

A2 Parameters Affecting Surface Preparation
D. Wright, J. Wolgamott and J. Zink

A3 A Comparison of Tube Nozzle Performance
D. Wright, J. Wolgamott and J. Zink

A4 Beyond Water Jetting
M.T. Gracey

A5 Ultra High Presssure Waterjet Rust Removal Line Design and Test
S. Xue, D. Zhang, Z. Chen, Y. Wang, H. Zhu and J. Li

Session B - Modeling Studies

B1 Numerical Approximation of Propellant Driven Water Projectile Launchers
K. Kluz, E.S. Geskin and O. Ptrenko

B2 The Simulation Model of High Pressure, Suspension Waterjet Cutting Process with Use of the Artificial Neural Network
A. Perec

B3 Determination of Machinability and Abrasive Cutting Properties in AWJ Cutting
J. Zeng

B4 Energy Based Modelling of Abrasive Slurry Jet
P. Nambiath, G. Galecki and D.A. Summers

B5 Dynamic Analysis of the Spatial-Temporal Behaviour of the Cutting Front in Abrasive Waterjet Cutting
A. Henning and E. Westkämper

Session C - Rock Cutting

C1 Drilling and Slotting of Hard Rock with Abrasive Suspension Water Jet
S.S. Han and J.G. Kim

C2 The Characterization of Rock Failure Induced by High Frequency Modulated Fluid Jets in Crystalline Rock
H.B. Miller and F.D. Wang

C3 Application of Abrasive Suspensions Jet (ASJ) to Cut Bolts in Underground Coal Mine
L. Cui and L. An

C4 Investigation of Granite Boring Using High Speed Liquid Projectiles
V. Samardzic, K. Kluz, O. Petrenko, E.S. Geskin, M. Mazurkievitz and A. Berger

C5 Research on Ultrafine Comminution of Minerals by Thermally Assisted High Pressure Water Jet
S. Fu, H. Li and X. Duan

Session D - New Applications

D1 Investigation of the AWIJ-Drilling Process in Cortical Bone
Fr.-W. Bach, C. Biskup, G. Kremer and S. Schmolke

D2 Investigation of Metal Processing Using a High Speed Liquid Impact
V. Samardzic, E.S. Geskin, O. Petrenko, G.A. Atanov, A.N. Semko and A. Kovaliov

D3 Investigation of Surface Preparation in Superplastic Formed Metals
A. Chillman, M. Ramulu and M. Hashish

D4 An Investigation of Methods to Homogeneously Entrain and Suspend Abrasive Particles in a Low Pressure Dental Water Jet
M.S. Grygla and R.H. Todd

Session E - Demil and Accessioning

E1 The Basis of High Explosives Washing Out Technology from Heavy Artillery Ammunition
P. Borkowski, J. Borkowski, D. Wozniak, J. Szymanowski, A. Maranda, R. Kostrow and E. Milewski

E2 Parameter Optimization in Munitions Cutting Using Abrasive Waterjets
P. Nambiath, G. Galecki, L.J. Tyler, R. Fossey and D.A. Summers

E3 Gaining Access into a Large Vehicle Bomb
T. Ignatiuk and M. Linde

E4 The Technology and the Machine for Cutting Wall Stone of the Correct Form by Ultra-High Pressure Waterjets
J.A. Asatryan

Session F - Nozzles

F1 From a Single Product (AWJ) to a Multi Product Abrasive Waterjet Industry
D.S. Miller

F2 Optimization of UHP Waterjet Cutting Heads, The Orifice
M. Powell

F3 Analysis of Flow Inside the Focusing Tube of the Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Head
V. Mádr, J. Viliamsová and L.M. Hlavác

F4 System of Chambers for Activation of Modulation for Pulsation in Water Jets
L.M. Hlavác

Session G - Impact and Pulsed Jets

G1 Innovative Liquid Impact Based Material Micro Forming Technology
V. Samardzic, E.S. Geskin, G.A. Atanov, A.N. Semko and A. Kovaliov

G2 Laser Based Pulsing of Pure Water Jets
P. Jäschke, O. Meier, A. Ostendorf, Fr.-W. Bach, A. Schenk and C. Filus

G3 Considerations in the Use of Pulsed Water Jet Techniques for the Removal of HVOF Coatings
A. Tieu, W. Yan and M. Vijay

G4 Enhancing the Performance of Pulsed Waterjets for Various Industrial Applications
W. Yan, A. Tieu, B. Ren, B. Daniels and M. Vijay

Session H - AWJ Studies

H1 Benefits of Dynamic Waterjet Angle Compensation
M. Hashish

H2 Impact of Residual Stresses on Accuracy of AWJ Cutting
J. Zeng and J. Olsen

H3 Use of Pre-Profiling a Milled Pocket as a Means of Improving Machining and Lowering Energy Costs
S. Zhang, G. Galecki, D.A. Summers and C. Swallow

H4 High-Speed Observations of Submerged Water Jets Issuing from an Abrasive Water Jet Nozzle
S. Shimizu, H. Adachi, K. Izumi and H. Sakai

Session I - Motion Systems and Pumps

I1 6 Axis Robotic Abrasivejet Advancements in Accuracy for Quality and Production
D. Snider

I2 Automatic Control of Cutting Speed for Curvilinear Cutting
S. Jiang and K. Tan

I3 Pressure and Flow Rate Fluctuations at High Pressure Intensifier Pumps
F. Trieb, R. Karl and R. Moderer

Session J - Art Applications

J1 Cutting Glass Creatively with Abrasive Waterjet - An Overview
V. Cutler

J2 Reproduction of Work of Art by AWJ: Floor of the Saint Mark Basilica
W.T. Hennies, V.H. Lauand, E.R. do Amaral and H.R. do Amaral

J3 Cut and Etch of Stainless Steel Trophy by AWJ
W.T. Hennies, C.T. Lauand, G.R.M. Cortés and M.A. Gonzáles