Safety Topics

A mission of WJTA is to provide information and resources to our membership in the areas of safety and technology. WJTA provides information on a multitude of tools manufactured by many companies as well as technical data and papers that can provide a roadmap for jetting and vacuuming applications. 

While there has been significant improvement in equipment and methods, it still comes down to people applying the equipment safely in order to prevent accidents and provide maximum cleaning efficiency. Without question, safety must be at the forefront of every supervisor's and worker's focus. It is for this reason that we wish to provide our membership with real situations and incidents that have occurred as well as corrective actions to prevent reoccurence. 

Following are examples of incidents that can be shared with your employees, colleagues or customers as safety meeting topics.

Incident:  Water Cut to Upper Ankle and Shin

Incident:  Water Puncture to Hand

We ask that you share incidents, accidents, and near misses that may have involved your business with the WJTA office. These will be published periodically in the Jet News with names, companies and any identifying information kept confidential. Click here for the confidential online Incident Reporting Form or email the WJTA office at