WJTA Strategic Plan 


WJTA’s Strategic Plan includes the association’s vision, mission and goals: 

WJTA’s strategic vision is to be the premier global association for the waterjetting and industrial vacuuming industries, leading in safety, best practices, new technology and applications, education and training. 

WJTA’s strategic mission is to enable our members and the industry to become more successful by providing them with information, best practices on safety and technology, and opportunities to network. 


Safety – To provide and promote best practices in health and safety for the waterjetting and industrial vacuuming industries. 

Membership Growth – To grow and sustain our membership in the primary industries and sector targets of our stakeholder audience. 

Expo – To design and offer our annual expo in a format and with content that drives high participation from our industries and sector targets. 

Financial Stability – To responsibly manage the finances of our association, ensuring our valued contribution to our members. 

Information Delivery – To ensure accessibility to our resources and content to our members. 

Networking – To foster trade and promote learning and engagement within our industry sectors.