WJTA Training and Certification

WJTA has partnered with the Health and Safety Council (HASC) to deliver entry level training and certification for hydroblasters and vacuum operators.

Benefits of WJTA training and certification:

  • Full compliance with WJTA Best Practices
  • Credentials are transferable when an operator changes employer
  • Reviewed and updated frequently by WJTA’s committees
  • Standardized terminology and best practices across different regions, companies and industries

Best Practice Endorsement

In 2020, the Houston Business Roundtable (HBR) issued a best practice endorsement of the WJTA Orange Book. The endorsement further advocates for automated applications of high pressure water cleaning and craft competency certification/qualification.

Click here to view the Houston Business Roundtable Best Practice Endorsement (pdf) or learn more about the HBR Industrial Cleaning Committee .

HBR Best Practice Endorsement