Asset Owners

High pressure water cleaning is one of the most effective ways to remove fouling from process equipment. Despite great progress in safety practices and hands-free automation technology, incidents and near misses continue to occur each year in hydroblasting and industrial vacuuming operations.

Asset Owner Training Options

Hydroblasting Basics for Permit Writers

The 30-minute eLearning module provides a basic introduction suitable for individuals with no previous knowledge of industrial cleaning and includes information on hydroblasting applications, hazards, and several engineering controls to help mitigate hazards.

To learn more, visit the HASC 19WJTAPW course page .

WJTA Foundational Training and Field Verification

Completing WJTA eLearning and instructor-led operator training courses is an excellent option for asset owner permit writers, operators, auditors and safety associates to understand hydroblasting and industrial vacuuming best practices.

Understanding industry-standard terminology and best practices allows asset owners to properly oversee industrial cleaning operations and partner with service providers as effectively as possible.

Learn more about WJTA Hydroblaster Training and WJTA Vacuum Operator Training options.

Custom Asset Owner Seminars

WJTA has delivered expert-led in-person and virtual seminars. These sessions can be tailored to the asset owner's cleaning challenges and provide interactive instruction on hydroblasting or vacuuming applications, technology, hazards, safe practices and automation.

Learning objectives will vary, but trainees should leave with an understanding of engineering controls and best practices and be able to field-identify safe work requirements.

For details, contact Peter Wright at or call 314-241-1445.

Why Require WJTA FT and FV Credentials

WJTA’s Industry Best Practices for the Use of High Pressure Waterjetting Equipment and Recommended Practices for the Use of Industrial Vacuum Equipment are the industry’s primary resources for operating recommendations in North America.

Training curricula are frequently reviewed and updated to maintain compliance with WJTA best practices, and provide standardized terminology and work practices to support safe, efficient, and effective cleaning operations.

Credentials can be instantly verified online through the Health and Safety Council’s Online LINK system.

If you are interested in learning more, contact Peter Wright in the WJTA office for more information at or 314-241-1445.