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Hydroblast Operators

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News and Updates

March 29, 2022 - Train-the-Trainer Course Scheduled for June 14-15 in Houston, Texas. Email Peter Wright at wrightp@wjta.org for details. Event

October 14, 2021 - Remote Proctoring for WJTA Foundational Training Program Update

September 20, 2021 - WJTA Hydroblaster Foundational Training CBT module has been updated with content changes, narration and new images Curriculum Update

August 5, 2021 - WJTA Hydroblaster Training Curriculum Updated to Include Automation Curriculum Update


WJTA Hydroblaster Training and Certification Program Overview

WJTA's hydroblaster program offers training and skills assessment for new hire operators covering safe and effective high pressure cleaning, developed in accordance with WJTA’s Industry Best Practices for the Use of High Pressure Waterjetting Equipment. Credentials are stored in a centralized database and are transferable if a trainee changes employer.

Program Structure

Foundational Training (FT)

WJTA Foundational Training (FT) provides an overview of recommended safety practices in the high pressure industrial cleaning industry. The FT course is a three-hour, interactive computer-based module that is reviewed and updated frequently to reflect developments in industry technology and WJTA’s recommended practices.

  • Length: 3 hours
  • Requirements: 80% score on multiple choice quiz
  • Expiration: 3 years

FT can be delivered through the Health and Safety Council (learn more ), the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils (ARSC) sites (learn more ), local testing centers or community colleges, or custom remote streaming options.


Field Verification (FV)

WJTA Field Verification (FV) gives trainees hands-on instruction and skills verification led by a WJTA-approved Verified Trainer. Trainees undergo rigorous, entry-level training on system setup, pre-job inspection, manual and automated high pressure cleaning operations, and job completion across shotgunning, flex lancing, and line moleing applications.

  • Length: ~6 hours (will vary based on trainee experience levels)
  • Requirements: valid FT credential and successfully demonstrate competencies on the FV Checklist as evaluated by a WJTA Verified Trainer
  • Expiration: no expiration

FV is available through WJTA-approved Verified Trainers at approved training sites.


Verified Trainer (VT)

A WJTA-approved Verified Trainer delivers Field Verification training and skills assessment. Verified Trainers have successfully completed WJTA’s rigorous train-the-trainer course and have been successfully audited by a WJTA Master Trainer to ensure the accuracy and quality of instruction.

  • Requirements: valid FT and FV credentials; successfully complete WJTA Train-the-Trainer course; and pass audit by WJTA Master Trainer
  • Expiration: no expiration

Contact Peter Wright in the WJTA office at wrightp@wjta.org or call 314-241-1445.


Verified Training Site (VTS)

Field Verification may only be conducted at a WJTA-approved Verified Training Site (VTS) that been successfully audited by a WJTA Master Trainer. A Verified Training Site (VTS) maintains and regularly inspects the high pressure equipment required to perform Field Verification (FV) Training safely and completely across manual cleaning methods.


WJTA Master Trainer (MT)

To assure consistency of training delivery, the WJTA will approve Master Trainers to oversee the program. Master Trainer responsibilities include instructing and evaluating the Verified Trainers, conducting audits of FV training sessions, approving Verified Training Sites, and ongoing training program development in alignment the WJTA’s industry best practices.


How To Get Involved

  • Contractors and Labor Providers - adopt FV training for your workforce to ensure high-quality training and reduce retraining requirement for new hires who carry the FT and FV credentials.
  • Asset Owners - plants can require hydroblasting operators carry valid FV credentials to work in their facilities. Credentials are easily verified through the HASC's proprietary LINK system.
  • Manufacturers and Training Providers - certify your trainers as VTs in order to offer FV training and certification to your customers.

Contact Peter Wright in the WJTA office for more information at wrightp@wjta.org or call 314-241-1445.