2019 WJTA Conference & Expo
New Orleans, Louisiana

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Session A: Modeling and Manufacturing

A1 Modelling Of the Kerf Formation Through Primary and Secondary Jet Energy for the Abrasive Waterjet
E. Uhlmann, C. Männel

A2 Analysis of the Effect of Water Jet Parameters on the Performance During Preparation of Cutting Tool Edge by Fine Abrasive Water Jet
Y. Lei, Y. Wu, W. Yang, Y. Zhang

A3 Turning of Brittle and Very Hard Materials with Abrasive Waterjet
F. Kartal

A4 Technological Analysis of Different Abrasive Water Jet Machining Strategies for Blisk Roughing
T. Bergs, M. Schüler, K. Arntz, T. Herrig

Session B: Medical Applications and Safety

B1 In Vitro Response of Osteoblastic and Fibroblastic Cells to Waterj-Jet Treated Titanium Surfaces
A.J. Steeves, F. Variola, M. Vijay, A. Tieu, W. Yan, M. Xu, and B. Daniels

B2 Feasibility of Soft Tissue Preparation Using High-Pressure Water Jet Technology
M. Mlinaric, M. Bauer, T. Hassel, A. Hocke, S. Hippenstiel

B3 Safety Considerations for Low Pressure Cleaning Applications
J. Ashmead, D. Wright

Session C: Standards and Jets in Air and Underwater

C1 Comparison of SSPC-NACE and ISO Waterjet Cleaning Standards for Coatings Removal
L. Frenzel

C2 Jet Impact at Constant Power with the Variation of Pressure and Flow at Large Standoff Distances
D. Wright

C3 Technical Countermeasures Research on Deep Sea Shipwreck Water Cutting Engineering
S. Xue, Z. Chen, Q. Ren, Y. Wang, S. Cao, C. Han, D. Zhang

Session D: Jets and Surface Effects

D1 Abrasive Surface Treatment with Liquid CO2
E. Uhlmann, P. John, C. Männel

D2 Pulse Response and Structure Optimization of a Novel Disc-Type Pulse Jet Generating Tool
H. Shi, X. Hou, H. Zhao

D3 Detection Method and Application of a Self-resonating Water Jet Based on the Flow Signal within the Pipeline
Tengfei Cai, Yan Pan, Fei Ma

D4 Characterization of Physical Features Immediately Upstream of a Nozzle Insert and their Effects on Waterjet Quality
T. Tormey