2017 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo
New Orleans, Louisiana

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Session 1: Manufacturing 1

A1 Case Study on Possible Productivity Improvements of Waterjet Turning Operations
E. Uhlmann, C. Männel, K. Flögel, F. Faltin

A2 Effect of Process Parameters on the Surface Roughness Produced During Machining of Ceramics Using AWSJ: An Experimental Investigation by Taguchi Signal to Noise Ratio
Deepak D, Anjaiah Devineni

A3 Full Automatization of Waterjet Cutting
M. Bauer, O. Grünzel, H. J. Maier, T. Hassel

A4 Introduction and Analysis of the Ultrahigh Pressure Water Jet Cutting Multifunctional Application
Xue Shengxiong, Chen Zhengwen, Han Caihong, Ren Qile, Chen Bo, Wu Ziquan, Li Yuefeng

A5 The Kerf Analysis in Abrasive Waterjet Machining of Ductile Cast Iron
F. Kartal

Session 2: Cavitation, Pulsed and CO2 Jets

B1 An Experimental Study on Correlations Between Cavitation Erosion Resistance and Mechanical Properties for Stainless Steel
Peng Kewen, Li Gensheng, Tian Shouceng, Huang Zhongwei, Peng Chi, Nie Xiaokang

B2 Dynamics of the Cavitation Cloud in Submerged Waterjet and its Relation with Jet Erosion Intensity
C. Peng, G.S. Li, S.C. Tian

B3 Experiment on Supercritical CO2 Abrasive Jet Perforation
Wang Haizhua, Li Genshenga, He Zhenguob, Tian Shoucenga, Wang Menga, Wang Youwena

B4 In Vitro Activity of Forced Pulsed Waterjet (FPWJ) Modified Titanium
A. Steeves, F. Variola, M. Vijay, A. Tieu, W. Yan, M. Xu, B. Daniels

Session 3: Manufacturing 2

C1 LES-VOF Simulations of a Pure Water Jet Developing Inside an AWJC Nozzle: Preliminary Observations and Guidelines
Gabriele Pozzetti, Bernhard Peters

C2 Advancements of the Manufacturing Technology with High-Pressure Liquid CO2 Jets
E. Uhlmann, P. John

C3 Environmentally Responsible Surface Preparation with Dry Ice
David Watson

C4 An Analysis of the Abrasi̇ve Water Jet Machining of Polyethylene Using L9 Orthogonal Array
F. Kartal

Session 4: Waterblasting

D1 Waterjetting and the World of Coatings Removal
Lydia M. Frenzel

D2 What’s in the Water?
P.J. Engelbert

D3 Design and Operation of High Flow Waterblast Tools and Systems
D. Wright

D4 The Combination of Pressure and Flow Rate in the Expression of Relative Waterjet Impact
D. Wright

D5 Liquid Nitrogen Provides Effective Removal of Fouling in Petroleum Refinery Process Equipment
B. Foley-Saxon, T. Meyers

Session 5: Downhole and Rock Cutting

E1 Experiment About the Method to Double the Extension Ability of the Radial Jet Drilling Technology by Narrow Annulus Flow
J. Li, G. Zhang, G. Li, Z. Huang, W. Li

E2 SEM Analysis on Rock Breaking Mechanism by Swirling-Round SC-CO2 Jet
S. Tian, M. Sheng. Q. Liu, G. Li, H. Wang, Z. Huang, China University of Petroleum

E3 Numerical Analysis of the Three-Material Downhole Flow Field in Hydrothermal Jet Drilling
X. Song, Z. Lyu, H. Wang, G. Li

E4 Numerical Simulation of Micro-annulus Carrying Capacity
H. Shi, H. Zhou, H. Zhao,