2015 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo
New Orleans, Louisiana

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2015 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo
New Orleans, Louisiana


Session A - Waterjet Studies

A1 3D Printing Applications in Waterjet Nozzle Fabrication
E. Charrier, H.B. Miller

A2 Abrasive Waterjet Machining Effects on Kerf Quality in thin Fiber Metal Laminate
M. Ramulu, R. Pahuja, M. Hashish, and V. Isvilonanda

A3 3D Near Net Shaping of Hard to Machine Materials via Abrasive Waterjet Controlled-Depth Milling
F. Faltin, K. Flögel, and E. Uhlmann

A4 Abrasive Kinetic Cutting Power: a Function of Power Conversion
P. Miles, A. Henning

Session B - Waterjet Cleaning

B1 Computational Fluid Dynamics Used in the Design of Waterblast Tooling
J. Schneider

B2 Design of Experiments Based Waterblast Process Modeling and Optimization Used in Equipment Design and Setup for Specific Applications
M. Kelly, C. Tricou, K.Gromes

B3 Underwater Effectivity Characterization of Waterjet Performance in Cleaning Applications
R. Doornbos

B4 The Effect of Upstream Feeder Tube Diameter and Length on Waterjet Performance in Cleaning Applications
D. Wright

Session C - Design

C1 Design Protocols of Cavities Created by Waterjer Borehole Mining of Thin-Seam Deposits
Y. Akbarzadeh, H. B. Miller

C2 Development and Testing of Ultra-high Pressure Downhole Pump Driven by Vane Motor
L. Gensheng, L. Hao, and Z. YI

C3 CNC Waterjet Set Design for Educational Purposes and its Implementation
F. Kartal, H. Gökkaya

C4 A Study about the Effect of Confining Pressure on High Pressure Jet
L. Jingbin, L. Genshend, H. Zhongwei, and S. Xianzhi

Session D - Advanced Applications and Studies

D1 Cutting and Drilling with Supercritical Slurry Jetting
K. Oglesby, A. Padsalgikar, and R. Mohan

D2 Novel Processes for Improving Precision of Abrasive Waterjet Machining
H.T. Liu

D3 Particle Disintegration in the Abrasive Water Injection Jet
D. Zaremba, P. Heese, M. Bauer, H.J. Maier, and T. Hassel

D4 Enhancing the Adhesion Strength of Cold Gas Dynamic Sprayed Coatings by Preparing the Substrates with the High-Frequency Pulsed Waterjet
M. Vijay, A. Tieu, W. Yan, B. Daniels, M.Xu, B. Jodoin, T. Samson, D. Macdonald, R. Fernandez, M.Yandouzi

Session E - Basic Studies

E1 Spectral Measurement of Element Solubility in WAter up to 300MPa
M. Bauer, O. Grünzel, D. Zaremba, H.J. Maier, and T. Hassel

E2 A Study About the Effect of the Structure Parameters of the Multi-orifices Nozzle on Nozzle Discharge Coefficient
L. Jingbin, L.Gensheng, H. Zhongwei, and S. Xianzhi 

E3 Numerical Study of the Cavitating Jet and its Erosivity
J. Choi, C. Hsiao, and G.L. Chahine

Session F - Environmental and Safety

F1 The Effects of Tier 4 Emission Standards on the Waterjet Industry
J. Van Dam

F2 Development of a New Method in Order to do Silent Abrasive Waterjet Turning Process Apparatus
F. Kartal, H. Gökkaya, and Z. Yerlikaya

F3 NAHAD Hose Safety Institue Whitepaper: Eye on Safety and Reliability for Liquid Vacuum Operations
D. Mitchell

Session G - Water and Mechanical

G1 What's in the Water
P.J. Engelbert

G2 Why Automation
R. Decker

G3 Mechanical Tube Cleaning: The Emerging Trend in Maintaining Heat Exchanger Efficiency
C. K. Van Name, J. Wilburn