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2013 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo
Houston, Texas


Session A - Abrasive Jet Applications

A1 Abrasive Water Jet Cutting (AWJC) of Co-Cr-Mo Alloy Investment Castings in the Medical Device Industry
M. Cashman, S. Ramirez, S.L. Soo, ED.E.T. Shepherd and A. Rabani

A2 Application of Abrasive-Waterjet for 3D Machining
H.-T. Liu and J.H. Olsen

A3 Trimming of CFRP Aircraft Components
M. Hashish

A4 Interpretation of Intricate Drawings into Actual Objects
V. Cutler

Session B - Material Removal and Environment

B1 Refractory Removal by High Pressure Waterjet
D. Wright

B2 UHP/LV Waterjet - Surface Re-Texturizing for Bitumen Flushing/Bleeding
S. Robinson

B3 Reconditioning of Solid Radioactive Waste Using Simulated Concrete with Forced Pulsed Waterjet
A. Tieu, B. Daniels, M. Vijay and W. Yan

B4 Study on Photoelectric Confrontation of Water Mist Screen System
B. Ren, H.J. Zhang, H.G. Xu, M. Guan and H. Wang

Session C - Jet Forces and Cut Surfaces

C1 Impact Force of High PRessure Waterjets
D. Wright

C2 Rz: A Better Measurement of Abrasive Waterjet Cut Surface Finishes
P. Miles and A. Henning

C3 Verification of Turbulent Correlation and Impact Study of High-Pressure Abrasive Water Jet
C. Kang, H. Liu and M. Yang

Session D - Drilling and Mining

D1 Extending Ability of Micro-Hole Radial Horizontal Well Drilled by High-Pressure Water Jet
H. Chi, G. Li, Z. Huang, S. Tian and F. Di

D2 Mechanism of Hydraulic Pulsed and Cavitating Jet Improving ROP and Application in China Offshore Drilling
H. Shi, G. Li and Z. Huang

D3 The Use of High Pressure Waterjets to Improve Performance of Rotary Cutter Head Dredges from the Inside Out
C. Wyatt and H. Miller

D4 Pulsed Jet to Improve Rate of Penetration in Drilling Deep Well
L. Cui, H. Wang, F. Zhang and W. Bi

Session E - Efficiency Enhancements

E1 Characteristics of an Air-Coated Abrasive Suspension Jet Under Submerged Condition
H. Ito, G. Peng and S. Shimizu

E2 Pumping Efficiency's Effect on Cutting Performance
P. Miles and A. Henning

E3 Robot-Assisted Displacement Osteotomy by the Abrasive Waterjet - Concept and Technical Realization
D. Zaremba, R. Westphal, E. Suero, C. Krettek, F.M. Wahl, Fr.-W. Bach and T. Hassel

Session F - Cleaning and Blasting

F1 Wet Abrasive Blast - When Will We Ever Get a Standard?
L. Frenzel

F2 Technical and Economical Comparison of Waterjet and Abrasive Blast Methods to be Used in De-Coating and Cleaning Processes
H. Teimourian, H.V. Tamaddoni, B. Mutabi and A. Soleimanzadeh

F3 Paint Removal of Airplane & Water Jet Application
S. Xue, Z. Chen, Q. Ren, J. Su, C. Han and L. Pang

F4 Present Situation and Development of Chinese Cleaning Industry