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2005 American WJTA Conference & Expo
Houston, Texas


Session 1A - Micro Jet Cutting

1A-1 New Abrasive Waterjet Systems to Compete with Lasers
D.S. Miller
1A-2 Abrasive Waterjet Cutting of Microelectronic Components
1A-3 High Precision and High Power ASJ Singulations for Semiconductor Manufacturing
S. Jiang, R. Popescu, C. Mihai and K. Tan

Session 2A - Innovative Jetting and Applications 

2A-1 Strategies for Introducing New Abrasive Waterjet Technologies
D.S. Miller
2A-2 Innovative Jet-based Material Processing Technology
V. Samarzic, O.P. Petrenko, E.S. Geskin, G.A. Atanov, A.N. Semko and A. Kovaliov
2A-3 Application of Ice Powder in Biomedical and Food Industries
K. Kluz and E.S. Geskin
 2A-4 Medical Applications of the High Powered Parallel Waterjet
M.S. Granick, R.O. Datiashvili, P.A. Ganchi and D.C. Freeman Jr.

Session 3A - Basic Studies

3A-1 Application of Numerical Techniques for Optimization of the Water Cannon Design
O.P. Petrenko, T.G. Bitadze, E.S. Geskin, O. Rusanova and A.N. Semko
3A-2 Determination of Abrasive Particle Velocity Using Laser-Induced Fluorescence and Particle Tracking Methods in Abrasive Water Jets
P. Roth, H. Looser, K.C. Heiniger, and S. Buehler
3A-3 Estimation of Abrasive Mass Flow Rate by Measuring Feed Line Vacuum During Jet On-Off Cycling
I. Conner and M. Ramulu
 3A-4 Study on the Temperature Distributions of Water Jet By Infrared Thermal Testing and Image Processing Technology
C. Longlian, G. Weili, and A. Liqian

Session 4A - Superpressure Jet Cutting

4A-1 Waterjet Cutting Beyond 400 MPa
T. Susuzlu, A.M. Hoogstrate and B. Karpuschewski
4A-2 Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Beyond 400 MPa
A.M. Hoogstrate, T. Susuzlu and B. Karpuschewski
4A-3 Economics of Abrasive Waterjet Cutting at 600 MPa Pressure
M. Hashish

Session 5A - Modeling Studies I

5A-1 Cutting Capability Equation of Abrasive Suspension Jet
S. Jiang, Y. Xia, R. Popescu, C. Mihai and K. Tan
5A-2 Analysis of the Abrasive Waterjet Drilling Process
M. Ramulu, P. Posinasetti and M. Hashish
5A-3 On the Residual Energy for Cutting Plastic Materials with Abrasive Water Injection Jet
C. Guo, H. Katakura and L. Liu
 5A-4 Genetically Evolved Artificial Neural Networks Built with Sparse Data for Predicting Depth of Cut in Abrasive Waterjet Cutting
D.S. Srinivasu, N.R. Babu, Y.G. Srinivasa, H. Louis, D. Peter and R. Versemann

Session 6A - Modeling Studies II

6A-1 A Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata Model of Abrasive Water Jet Cutting
H. Orbanic and M. Junkar
6A-2 Prediction of a Single Impact Crater Shape in AWJ Machining Using FEA
M. Junkar, B. Jurisevic, H. Orbanic and M. Grah
6A-3 An Experimental Study on Dual-Jet Flow with PIV Method
G. Li, J. Song, Z. Huang, J. Niu and C. Yi
 6A-4 Numeric Simulation of Ultra-High Pressure Rotary Atomizing Waterjet Flow Field
S. Xue, J. Li, H. Peng, Z. Chen, Y. Wang and H. Zhu

Session 7A - Machining

7A-1 Accurate Hole Drilling Using an Abrasive Water Jet in Titanium
S. Zhang, P. Nambiath, G. Galecki, D.A. Summers and D. Bowden
7A-2 Taper-Free Abrasive Waterjet Cutting with a Tilting Head
J. Zheng, J. Olsen, C. Olsen B. Guglielmetti
7A-3 Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Using a Rotating Axis Motion Control
G. Holmqvist and U. Andersson

Session 1B - Pump Systems

1B-1 Autofrettage - Basic Information and Practical Application on Components for Waterjet Cutting
F. Trieb, J. Schedelmaier and M. Poelzl
1B-2 High Pressure Pumps & Systems
M.T. Gracey
1B-3 Offshore Washdown Pump Unit: A Manufacturing Case Study
W. Dai and M.T. Gracey

Session 2B - Cleaning/Coating Removal

2B-1 Safe Waterjet Cleaning of Steel Process Lines
D. Wright, J. Wolgamott and G. Zink
2B-2 Safe Waterjet Cleaning of Sewer Pipe
D. Wright, J. Wolgamott and G. Zink
2B-3 Abrasive-Entrained Forced Pulsed Waterjet Technique: Basic Study
B. Ren, B. Daniels, W. Yan, A. Tieu and M. Vijay
2B-4 The Efficiency Analysis of Rotating Nozzle with Handheld on Flat Surface Cleaning Work
Z. Dan and W. Qingguo

Session 3B - New Field Units and Applications

3B-1 Development of Anti-Personal Landmines Detecting and De-Mining Vehicle
K. Shimizu, K. Ichiryu and H. Katakura
3B-2 Desulfurization of Coal Based on High Pressure Water Jet Comminution
G. Weili, A. Liqian, C. Longlian, L. Yuan and X. Guixin
3B-3 Mechanics of Powder Hydro Cannon for Incompressible Fluid
O.P. Petrenko, E.S. Geskin and A.N. Semko
3B-4 Flexible and Mobile Abrasive Waterjet Cutting System for Dismantling Applications
H. Louis, D. Peter, F. Pude and R. Versemann

Session 4B - Rock Cutting/Drilling

4B-1 The Effectiveness of Hydroabrasive, Suspensive Waterjet on Cutting of the Rocks
A. Perec
4B-2 New Results of Underwater Rock Cutting by Pure Waterjet
L.M. Hlavac, V. Madr, M. Kusnerova and J. Kalieinsky
4B-3 Rock Drilling with Abrasive Suspension Swirling Jet and Effects of Additive Polyacrylamide
Y. Yang, W. Zhou, R. Wang and Z. Shen

Session 5B - Surface Preparation

5B-1 Analytical Characterization of Flash Rust Formed on Carbon Steel After UHP Waterjetting
M. Islam, W. McGaulley and M. Evans
5B-2 Controlled HVOF Hard Coatings Removal Method
K. Ruusuvuori, K. Lahdenpera, M. Oksa, E. Turunen, J. Kauppila and M. van Wonderen
5B-3 Influence of Rotation Water Jet Kinematics on Effectiveness of Flat Surface Treatment
P. Borkowski
5B-4 The Effects of UHP Surface Preparation on Concrete Moisture Levels Using UHP Water Jets
T. Shawver

Session 6B - Cavitating/Pulsed Jets

6B-1 Experimental Analysis of the Spatial and Temporal Fluctuations in a Cavitating Water Jet
S.A. Campbell and C.A. Fairfield
6B-2 Cavitating Jet in Air Using Multiple Nozzles
H. Soyama and M. Mikami
6B-3 Experiments with Fluids in Magnetohydrodynamic Channel
I.M. Hlavaeova and L.M. Hlavac
6B-4 Study of Inherent Frequency of Helmholtz Resonator
G. Wili, A. Liqian, C. Longlian and X. Guixin

Session 7B - Mixing Tubes

7B-1 New Tungsten Carbide Material with Nanoscale Grain Size for Focusing Tubes
L. Bourgeois, E. Fabbri, P. Fastre, J. Kremer and R. Koesters
7B-2 Strategies for Cost- and Time-Effective Use of Abrasive Waterjet Cutting
U. Andersson and G. Holmqvist
7B-3 Brazilian Focus Tubes and Abrasives Researches for Rock Cutting in AWJ Systems
J.C.C. de Paola, A. Sinatora, G.R.M. Cortes, C.T. Lauand and W.T. Hennies