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2022 WJTA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana)

An Evaluation of Response Times for Existing and Potential Future Pressure Release Safety Devices in Waterblasting Systems
C. Hanley

Heat Exchanger Tube Material Response to High Pressure Waterjet Impact and the Factors Affecting the Risk of Damage During the Cleaning Process
D. Wright

Developments in Personal Safety for Industrial Cleaning
H. Borgt

Utilizing Waterjet Technology to Mitigate Substrate Damage Within Underground Structural Liners During Rehabilitation Work
J. Bourgeois

2019 WJTA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Characterization of Physical Features Immediately Upstream of a Nozzle Insert and their Effects on Waterjet Quality
T. Tormey

Safety Considerations for Low Pressure Cleaning Applications
J. Ashmead, D. Wright

Comparison of SSPC-NACE and ISO Waterjet Cleaning Standards for Coatings Removal
L. Frenzel

Jet Impact at Constant Power with the Variation of Pressure and Flow at Large Standoff Distances
D. Wright

2017 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Environmentally Responsible Surface Preparation with Dry Ice
David Watson

Waterjetting and the World of Coatings Removal
Lydia M. Frenzel

What’s in the Water?
P.J. Engelbert

Design and Operation of High Flow Waterblast Tools and Systems
D. Wright

The Combination of Pressure and Flow Rate in the Expression of Relative Waterjet Impact
D. Wright

Liquid Nitrogen Provides Effective Removal of Fouling in Petroleum Refinery Process Equipment
B. Foley-Saxon, T. Meyers

2015 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

Computational Fluid Dynamics Used in the Design of Waterblast Tooling
J. Schneider

Design of Experiments Based Waterblast Process Modeling and Optimization Used in Equipment Design and Setup for Specific Applications
M. Kelly, C. Tricou, K.Gromes

Underwater Effectivity Characterization of Waterjet Performance in Cleaning Applications
R. Doornbos

The Effect of Upstream Feeder Tube Diameter and Length on Waterjet Performance in Cleaning Applications
D. Wright

The Effects of Tier 4 Emission Standards on the Waterjet Industry
J. Van Dam

What's in the Water
P.J. Engelbert

Why Automation
R. Decker

Enhancing the Adhesion Strength of Cold Gas Dynamic Sprayed Coatings by Preparing the Substrates with the High-Frequency Pulsed Waterjet
M. Vijay, A. Tieu, W. Yan, B. Daniels, M.Xu, B. Jodoin, T. Samson, D. Macdonald, R. Fernandez, M.Yandouzi

2013 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (Houston, TX, USA)

Refractory Removal by High Pressure Waterjet
D. Wright

UHP/LV Waterjet - Surface Re-Texturizing for Bitumen Flushing/Bleeding
S. Robinson

Reconditioning of Solid Radioactive Waste Using Simulated Concrete with Forced Pulsed Waterjet
A. Tieu, B. Daniels, M. Vijay and W. Yan

Study on Photoelectric Confrontation of Water Mist Screen System
B. Ren, H.J. Zhang, H.G. Xu, M. Guan and H. Wang

Wet Abrasive Blast - When Will We Ever Get a Standard?
L. Frenzel

Technical and Economical Comparison of Waterjet and Abrasive Blast Methods to be Used in De-Coating and Cleaning Processes
H. Teimourian, H.V. Tamaddoni, B. Mutabi and A. Soleimanzadeh

Paint Removal of Airplane & Water Jet Application
S. Xue, Z. Chen, Q. Ren, J. Su, C. Han and L. Pang

Present Situation and Development of Chinese Cleaning Industry

2011 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (Houston, TX, USA)

Current Practices in Design Standards and Criteria for High Pressure Waterblasting Tools and System Components
D. Wright

Selecting the Most Effective Waterblast Pressure and Flow for a Given Standoff Distance
D. Wright

How Automated Water Jetting Improves Tube Bundle Cleaning Efficiency
T. Shawver

Two Special Mechanisms for Controlling the Waterjet Gun and Eliminating the Reaction Force of the Jet
H. Teimourian, H.V. Tamaddoni, B. Mutabi and A. Soleimanzadeh

What's Happening in Surface Preparation Standards for Paint
L. Frenzel

Theoretical and Experimental Basis of Water Pipeline Renovation with High-Pressure Water Jet Technique
P. Borkowski

Influence of De-Painting Method on Substrate Surface Profile
H. Teimourian, H.V. Tamaddoni, B. Mutabi and A. Soleimanzadeh

Energy Based Evaluation of Waterjet Peening for Industrial Application
A. Chillman, M. Hashish, M. Ramullu, C. Lavender, E. Stephens and Y.C. Chen

Stripping Coatings with High-Frequency Forced Pulsed and Ultra-high Pressure Waterjets: A Comparative Study
M. Vijay, W. Yan, A. Tieu, B. Daniels, M. van Wonderen and C. Mitchell

2009 American WJTA Conference and Expo (Houston, TX, USA)

Cleaning of Heat Transfer Tubes with Automated Water Jets
T. Shawver

Optimizing Flow and Pressure in Waterblast Cleaning
D. Wright and T. Mathis

Effect of Pressure and Stand-off Distance on Mass Removal and Surface Roughness in Paint Stripping with the Waterjet
M.R. Shabgard, H. Teimourian, B. Mutabi, H.V. Tamaddoni and A. Soleimanzadeh

A General Overview of Waterjet Surface Treatment Modeling
A. Chillman, M. Ramulu and M. Hashish

Configuring a Waterblast System
D. Wright and S. Hardy

Design, Manufacture and Installation of APWSS (Automated Pulsed Waterjet Stripping System)
A. Tieu, W. Yan, B. Daniels, M. Vijay, F.M. Cuneo and M.R. Berezowsky

How to Inspect for Flash Rust
L. Frenzel

Engineering Application of Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Rust Removal
S. Xue, Z. Chen, Y. Wang, S. Ba and H. Zhu

2007 American WJTA Conference (Houston, TX, USA)

What Effect Does Waterjet Cleaning Have on the Surface and Surface Preparation?
L. Frenzel

Parameters Affecting Surface Preparation
D. Wright, J. Wolgamott and G. Zink

A Comparison of Tube Nozzle Performance
D. Wright, J. Wolgamott and G. Zink

Beyond Water Jetting
M.T. Gracey

Ultra High Pressure Waterjet Rust Removal Line Design and Test
S. Xue, D. Zhang, Z. Chen, Y. Wang, H. Zhu and J. Li