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2022 WJTA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Benchmark of Abrasives for Different Applications
M. Schueler

2019 WJTA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Turning of Brittle and Very Hard Materials with Abrasive Waterjet
F. Kartal

Technological Analysis of Different Abrasive Water Jet Machining Strategies for Blisk Roughing
T. Bergs, M. Schüler, K. Arntz, T. Herrig

Modelling Of the Kerf Formation Through Primary and Secondary Jet Energy for the Abrasive Waterjet
E. Uhlmann, C. Männel

Analysis of the Effect of Water Jet Parameters on the Performance During Preparation of Cutting Tool Edge by Fine Abrasive Water Jet
Y. Lei, Y. Wu, W. Yang, Y. Zhang

2017 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Case Study on Possible Productivity Improvements of Waterjet Turning Operations
E. Uhlmann, C. Männel, K. Flögel, F. Faltin

Effect of Process Parameters on the Surface Roughness Produced During Machining of Ceramics Using AWSJ: An Experimental Investigation by Taguchi Signal to Noise Ratio
Deepak D, Anjaiah Devineni

Full Automatization of Waterjet Cutting
M. Bauer, O. Grünzel, H. J. Maier, T. Hassel

Introduction and Analysis of the Ultrahigh Pressure Water Jet Cutting Multifunctional Application
Xue Shengxiong, Chen Zhengwen, Han Caihong, Ren Qile, Chen Bo, Wu Ziquan, Li Yuefeng

The Kerf Analysis in Abrasive Waterjet Machining of Ductile Cast Iron
F. Kartal

Advancements of the Manufacturing Technology with High-Pressure Liquid CO2 Jets
E. Uhlmann, P. John

An Analysis of the Abrasi̇ve Water Jet Machining of Polyethylene Using L9 Orthogonal Array
F. Kartal

2015 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana) 

Abrasive Waterjet Machining Effects on Kerf Quality in thin Fiber Metal Laminate
M. Ramulu, R. Pahuja, M. Hashish, and V. Isvilonanda

3D Near Net Shaping of Hard to Machine Materials via Abrasive Waterjet Controlled-Depth Milling
F. Faltin, K. Flögel, and E. Uhlmann

Abrasive Kinetic Cutting Power: a Function of Power Conversion
P. Miles, A. Henning

CNC Waterjet Set Design for Educational Purposes and its Implementation
F. Kartal, H. Gökkaya

Novel Processes for Improving Precision of Abrasive Waterjet Machining
H.T. Liu

Particle Disintegration in the Abrasive Water Injection Jet
D. Zaremba, P. Heese, M. Bauer, H.J. Maier, and T. Hassel

2013 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (Houston, TX)

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting (AWJC) of Co-Cr-Mo Alloy Investment Castings in the Medical Device Industry
M. Cashman, S. Ramirez, S.L. Soo, D.E.T. Shepherd and A. Rabani

Application of Abrasive-Waterjet for 3D Machining
H.-T. Liu and J.H. Olsen

Trimming of CFRP Aircraft Components
M. Hashish

Interpretation of Intricate Drawings into Actual Objects
V. Cutler

Rz: A Better Measurement of Abrasive Waterjet Cut Surface Finishes
P. Miles and A. Henning

Pumping Efficiency's Effect on Cutting Performance
P. Miles and A. Henning

2011 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (Houston, TX)

Efficient Operation of Abrasive Waterjet Cutting in Industrial Applications
A. Henning, P. Miles and D. Stang

Methods for AWJ Cutting Process Control
A. Lebar, M. Cvjeticanin, H. Orbanic and M. Junkar

AWJ Trimming of Composites and Cutting of Other Materials Using 6-Axis Robots
D. Snider and M. Hashish

AWJ Cutting with Reduced Abrasive Consumption
M. Hashish

Abrasive Slurry-Injection Jet (AS-IJ) for CNC Cutting System
D. Liwszyc, A.J. Liwszyc, J.P. Liwszyc and A. Perec

Submerged Abrasive Suspension Jets Issuing from Sheathed Nozzle with Ventilation
H. Ito, G. Pen and S. Shimizu 

Micro-AWJ Technology for Meso-Micro Machining
H.-T. Liu, D. McNiel, E. Schubert and A. Turpin

Jet-Forming Nozzles Made of Diamond Polycrystals for Gas- and Fluid-Abrasive Cutting and Processing Tools
N.I. Polushin

2009 American WJTA Conference & Expo (Houston, TX)

AWIJ Cutting of Structures Made of Magnesium Alloys for the Cardiovascular Surgery
C. Biskup et al

ASJ Singulating Micro SD Cards
S. Jiang

Abrasive-Water Jet Shaping of Bas-Relief
P. Borkowski and A. Szpakowicz

The Accuracy of the Kerf Width Profiles of Facing Slabs and Modernization of Edging Machines for AWJ Cutting
J. Asatryan and Kh. Suvaryan

Kerf Characterization in Abrasive Waterjet Cutting
J. Zeng and A. Henning

Pulsation of Abrasive Water-Jet
S. Shimizu, T. Ishikawa, A. Saito and G. Peng

Fatigue Performance Enhancement of AWJ-Machined Aircraft Aluminum with Dry-Grit Blasting
H.-T. Liu, T. Gnäupal-Herold, Y. Hovanski and M.E. Dahl

Observation of Titanium Surfaces Impinged with Ultra-High Pressure Waterjets
A. Chillman, M. Ramulu and M. Hashish

Special AWJ Nozzles
M. Hashish

Quality Issues Associated with Abrasive Waterjet Cutting and Drilling of Advanced Composites
M. Ramulu, I. Hwang and V. Isvilanonda

Comparative Investigation of Abrasive Waterjet Cut Kerf Quality Characteristics for Aramid, Glass, and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites Used in Transport Aircraft Applications
T. Siddiqui, M. Shukla and P. Tambe

Abrasive Water Jet Milling of Composit Materials: Material Integrity
F. Cénac, M. Déléris, F. Collombet and R. Zitoune

2007 American WJTA Conference (Houston, TX)

From a Single Product (AWJ) to a Multi Product Abrasive Waterjet Industry
D.S. Miller

Optimization of UHP Waterjet Cutting Heads, The Orifice
M. Powell

Analysis of Flow Inside the Focusing Tube of the Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Head
V. Mádr, J. Viliamsová and L.M. Hlavác

System of Chambers for Activation of Modulation of Pulsation in Water Jets
L.M. Hlavác 

Benefits of Dynamic Waterjet Angle Compensation
M. Hashish

Impact of Residual Stresses on Accuracy of AWJ Cutting
J. Zeng and J. Olsen

Use of Pre-Profiling a Milled Pocket as a Means of Improving Machining and Lowering Energy Costs
S. Zhang, G. Galecki, D.A. Summers and C. Swallow

High-Speed Observations of Submerged Water Jets Issuing from an Abrasive Water Jet Nozzle
S. Shimizu, H. Adachi, K. Izumi and H. Sakai

6 Axis Robotic Abrasivejet Advancements in Accuracy for Quality and Production
D. Snider

Automatic Control of Cutting Speed for Curvilinear Cutting
S. Jiang and K. Tan

Pressure and Flow Rate Fluctuations at High Pressure Intensifier Pumps
F. Trieb, R. Karl and R. Moderer