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2022 WJTA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Analysis of Waterjet Treatment for Herbicide-free Vegetation Management on Railway Tracks
M. Schueler

2019 WJTA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana)

In Vitro Response of Osteoblastic and Fibroblastic Cells to Water-Jet Treated Titanium Surfaces
A.J. Steeves, F. Variola, M. Vijay, A. Tieu, W. Yan, M. Xu, and B. Daniels

Feasibility of Soft Tissue Preparation Using High-Pressure Water Jet Technology
M. Mlinaric, M. Bauer, T. Hassel, A. Hocke, S. Hippenstiel

Technical Countermeasures Research on Deep Sea Shipwreck Water Cutting Engineering
S. Xue, Z. Chen, Q. Ren, Y. Wang, S. Cao, C. Han, D. Zhang

2017 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana)

An Experimental Study on Correlations Between Cavitation Erosion Resistance and Mechanical Properties for Stainless Steel
Peng Kewen, Li Gensheng, Tian Shouceng, Huang Zhongwei, Peng Chi, Nie Xiaokang

In Vitro Activity of Forced Pulsed Waterjet (FPWJ) Modified Titanium
A. Steeves, F. Variola, M. Vijay, A. Tieu, W. Yan, M. Xu, B. Daniels

2015 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana)  

3D Printing Applications in Waterjet Nozzle Fabrication
E. Charrier, H.B. Miller

NAHAD Hose Safety Institue Whitepaper: Eye on Safety and Reliability for Liquid Vacuum Operations
D. Mitchell

Mechanical Tube Cleaning: The Emerging Trend in Maintaining Heat Exchanger Efficiency
C. K. Van Name, J. Wilburn

2013 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (Houston, TX)

Study on Photoelectric Confrontation of Water Mist Screen System
B. Ren, H.J. Zhang, H.G. Xu, M. Guan and H. Wang

Robot-Assisted Displacement Osteotomy by the Abrasive Waterjet - Concept and Technical Realization
D. Zaremba, R. Westphal, E. Suero, C. Krettek, F.M. Wahl, Fr.-W. Bach and T. Hassel

2009 American WJTA Conference & Expo (Houston, TX)

Research on the Safety Distance from a Nozzle - Measurement of Safe Standoff Distances of WJ and ASJ
H. Katakura

Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) Cutting Under Water in Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants
J. Kleimann

2007 American WJTA Conference (Houston, TX)

Investigation of the AWIJ-Drilling Process in Cortical Bone
Fr.-W. Bach, C. Biskup, G. Kremer and S. Schmolke

Investigation of metal Processing Using a High Speed Liquid Impact
V. Samardzic, E.S. Geskin, O. Petrenko, G.A. Atanov, A.N. Semko and A. Kovaliov

Investigation of Surface Preparation in Superplastic Formed Metals
A. Chillman, M. Ramulu and M. Hashish

An Investigation of Methods to Homogeneously Entrain and Suspend Abrasive Particles in a Low Pressure Dental Water Jet
M.S. Grygla and R.H. Todd

The Basis of High Explosives Washing Out Technology from Heavy-Artillery Ammunition
P. Borkowski, J. Borkowski, D. Wozniak, J. Szymanowski, A. Maranda, R. Kostrow and E. Milewski

Parameter Optimization in Munitions Cutting Using Abrasive Waterjets
P. Nambiath, G. Galecki, L.J. Tyler, R. Fossey and D.A. Summers

Gaining Access into a Large Vehicle Bomb
T. Ignatiuk and M. Linde

The Technology and the Machine for Cutting Wall Stone of the Correct Form by Ultra-High Pressure Waterjets
J.A. Asatryan

Cutting Glass Creatively with Abrasive Waterjet - An Overview
V. Cutler

Reproduction of Work of Art by AWJ: Floor of the Saint Mark Basilica
W.T. Hennies, V.H. Lauand, E.R. do Amaral and H.R. do Amaral

Cut and Etch of Stainless Steel Trophy by AWJ
W.T. Hennies, C.T. Lauand, G.R.M. Cortés and M.A. Gonzáles