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2019 WJTA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Pulse Response and Structure Optimization of a Novel Disc-Type Pulse Jet Generating Tool
H. Shi, X. Hou, H. Zhao

2017 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Experiment on Supercritical CO2 Abrasive Jet Perforation
Wang Haizhua, Li Genshenga, He Zhenguob, Tian Shoucenga, Wang Menga, Wang Youwena

Experiment About the Method to Double the Extension Ability of the Radial Jet Drilling Technology by Narrow Annulus Flow
J. Li, G. Zhang, G. Li, Z. Huang, W. Li

SEM Analysis on Rock Breaking Mechanism by Swirling-Round SC-CO2 Jet
S. Tian, M. Sheng. Q. Liu, G. Li, H. Wang, Z. Huang

Numerical Analysis of the Three-Material Downhole Flow Field in Hydrothermal Jet Drilling
X. Song, Z. Lyu, H. Wang, G. Li

Numerical Simulation of Micro-annulus Carrying Capacity
H. Shi, H. Zhou, H. Zhao,

2015 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana) 

Design Protocols of Cavities Created by Waterjer Borehole Mining of Thin-Seam Deposits
Y. Akbarzadeh, H. B. Miller

Development and Testing of Ultra-high Pressure Downhole Pump Driven by Vane Motor
L. Gensheng, L. Hao, and Z. Yi

A Study about the Effect of Confining Pressure on High Pressure Jet
L. Jingbin, L. Genshend, H. Zhongwei, and S. Xianzhi

Cutting and Drilling with Supercritical Slurry Jetting
K. Oglesby, A. Padsalgikar, and R. Mohan

A Study About the Effect of the Structure Parameters of the Multi-orifices Nozzle on Nozzle Discharge Coefficient
L. Jingbin, L.Gensheng, H. Zhongwei, and S. Xianzhi 

Development of a New Method in Order to do Silent Abrasive Waterjet Turning Process Apparatus
F. Kartal, H. Gökkaya, and Z. Yerlikaya

2013 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (Houston, TX)

Extending Ability of Micro-Hole Radial Horizontal Well Drilled by High-Pressure Water Jet
H. Chi, G. Li, Z. Huang, S. Tian and F. Di

Mechanism of Hydraulic Pulsed and Cavitating Jet Improving ROP and Application in China Offshore Drilling
H. Shi, G. Li and Z. Huang

The Use of High Pressure Waterjets to Improve Performance of Rotary Cutter Head Dredges from the Inside Out
C. Wyatt and H. Miller

Pulsed Jet to Improve Rate of Penetration in Drilling Deep Well
L. Cui, H. Wang, F. Zhang and W. Bi

2011 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (Houston, TX)

Effect of the Uniaxial Compressive Strength of the Rock on the Cutting Performance of AWJ
I. Karakurt, G. Aydin and K. Aydiner

Performance Optimization of Abrasive Waterjet Technology in Granite Cutting
G. Aydin, I. Karakurt and K. Aydiner

Energy Loss From an Abrasive Waterjet for Rock Cutting
T. Oh and G. Cho

The Technology and the Machine for Quarrying Fashioned Sidewalk Parts from Rock Massive by UHPWJ
J. Asatryan and Kh. Suvaryan

2009 American WJTA Conference & Expo (Houston, TX)

Jet Assisted Shearer for Cutting the Phosphate at Abu Tartour Deposit (Egypt)
S.I. Youssef

Applications of Self-Excited Pulsed Water Jet in Uncovering Rock Cross-Cut Coal of Chinese Coal Mines
Y. Lu, Z. Ge, X. Li, Y. Liu, S. Zhang and J. Chen

Creating Free Surfaces on Hard Rocks Using Abrasive Suspension Water Jet Manipulators
S. Han and J. Kim

An Experimental Study on Hydraulic Pulsed Cavitation Jet Drilling in Deep Wells
G. Li, H. Shi, Z. Huang, Z. Zhang, F. Luo, Y. Kang, Z. Wu and Y. Nie

Some Advances in Ultrahigh Pressure Jet Assisting Rock-Breaking Technique: Theory and Experiment
Z. Wang, L. Xue, X. Wang and B. Li

2007 American WJTA Conference (Houston, TX)

Drilling and Slotting of Hard Rock with Abrasive Suspension Water Jet
S.S. Han and J.G. Kim

The Characterization of Rock Failure Induced by High Frequency Modulated Fluid Jets in Crystalline Rock
H.B. Miller and F.D. Wang

Application of Abrasive Suspensions Jet (ASJ) to Cut Bolts in Underground Coal Mine
L. Cui and L. An

Investigation of Granite Boring Using High Speed Liquid Projectiles
V. Samardzic, K. Kluz, O. Petrenko, E.S. Geskin, M. Mazurkievitz and A. Berger

Research on Ultrafine Comminution of Minerals by Thermally Assisted High Pressure Water Jet
S. Fu, H. Li and X. Duan