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2011 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo
Houston, Texas

Session A - Waterjet and AWJ Studies and Applications

A1 Efficient Operation of Abrasive Waterjet Cutting in Industrial Applications
A. Henning, P. Miles and D. Stang

A2 Methods for AWJ Cutting Process Control
A. Lebar, M. Cvjeticanin, H. Orbanic and M. Junkar

A3 AWJ Trimming of Composites and Cutting of Other Materials Using 6-Axis Robots
D. Snider and M. Hashish

A4 AWJ Cutting with Reduced Abrasive Consumption
M. Hashish

Session B - Cleaning Tools and Methods

B1 Current Practices in Design Standards and Criteria for High Pressure Waterblasting Tools and System Components
D. Wright

B2 Selecting the Most Effective Waterblast Pressure and Flow for a Given Standoff Distance
D. Wright

B3 How Automated Water Jetting Improves Tube Bundle Cleaning Efficiency
T. Shawver

B4 Two Special Mechanisms for Controlling the Waterjet Gun and Eliminating the Reaction Force of the Jet
H. Teimourian, H.V. Tamaddoni, B. Mutabi and A. Soleimanzadeh

Session C - Inside AWJ

C1 Abrasive Grain Breakage Process During the High Pressure Waterjet Formation
A. Perec

C2 Determination of Spatial Velocity Distributions of Abrasive Particles in Abrasive Water Jets Using Laser-Induced Fluorescence Under Real Conditions
R. Balz and K.C. Heiniger

C3 Effect of Diameter Ratio, Volume Fraction and Abrasive Grain Size on the Exit Velocity by Numerical Simulation of Flow THrough Abrasive Water Suspension Jet Nozzle Using DOE
Deepak D, A. Devineni and N.Y. Sharma

C4 Measuring the Water Temperature Changes Throughout the Abrasive Water Jet Cutting System
M. Jerman, H. Orbanic, I. Etxeberria, A. Suarez, M. Junkar and A. Lebar

Session D - Surface Preparation and Renovation Technology

D1 What's Happening in Surface Preparation Standards for Paint
L. Frenzel

D2 Theoretical and Experimental Basis of Water Pipeline Renovation with High-Pressure Water Jet Technique
P. Borkowski

D3 Influence of De-Painting Method on Substrate Surface Profile
H. Teimourian, H.V. Tamaddoni, B. Mutabi and A. Soleimanzadeh

D4 Energy Based Evaluation of Waterjet Peening for Industrial Application
A. Chillman, M. Hashish, M. Ramulu, C. Lavender, E. Stephens and Y.C. Chen

D5 Stripping Coatings with High-Frequency Forced Pulsed and Ultra-high Pressure Waterjets: A Comparative Study
M. Vijay, W. Yan, A. Tieu, B. Daniels, M. van Wonderen and C. Mitchell

Session E - Slurry and Micro Jets

E1 Abrasive Slurry-Injection Jet (AS-IJ) for CNC Cutting System
D. Liwszyc, A.J. Liwszyc, J.P. Liwszyc and A. Perec

E2 Submerged Abrasive Suspension Jets Issuing from Sheathed Nozzle with Ventilation
H. Ito, G. Peng and S. Shimizu

E3 Micro-AWJ Technology for Meso-Micro Machining
H.-T. Liu, D. McNiel, E. Schubert and A. Turpin

E4 Jet-Forming Nozzles Made of Diamond Polycrystals for Gas and Fluid Abrasive Cutting and Processing Tools
N.I. Polushin

Session F - Rock Cutting and Quarrying Studies

F1 Effect of the Uniaxial Compressive Streength of the Rock on the Cutting Performance of AWJ
I. Karakurt, G Aydin and K. Aydiner

F2 Performance Optimization of Abrasive Waterjet Technology in Granite Cutting
G. Aydin, I. Karakurt and K. Aydiner

F3 Energy Loss From an Abrasive Waterjet for Rock Cutting
T. Oh and G. Cho

F4 The Technology and the Machine for Quarrying Fashioned Sidewalk Parts From Rock Massive by UHPWJ
J. Asatryan and Kh. Suvaryan