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2022 WJTA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Erosion of an Air-injected Plain Waterjet (iPWJ)
M. Schueler

2019 WJTA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Detection Method and Application of a Self-resonating Water Jet Based on the Flow Signal within the Pipeline
Tengfei Cai, Yan Pan, Fei Ma

2017 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Dynamics of the Cavitation Cloud in Submerged Waterjet and its Relation with Jet Erosion Intensity
C. Peng, G.S. Li, S.C. Tian

LES-VOF Simulations of a Pure Water Jet Developing Inside an AWJC Nozzle: Preliminary Observations and Guidelines
Gabriele Pozzetti, Bernhard Peters

2015 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (New Orleans, Louisiana) 

Spectral Measurement of Element Solubility in WAter up to 300MPa
M. Bauer, O. Grünzel, D. Zaremba, H.J. Maier, and T. Hassel

Numerical Study of the Cavitating Jet and its Erosivity
J. Choi, C. Hsiao, and G.L. Chahine

2013 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (Houston, TX)

Verification of Turbulent Correlation and Impact Study of High-Pressure Water Jet
C. Kang, H. Liu and M. Yang

2011 WJTA-IMCA Conference & Expo (Houston, TX)

Abrasive Grain Breakage Process During the High Pressure Waterjet Formation
A. Perec

Determination of Spatial Velocity Distributions of Abrasive Particles in Abrasive Water Jets Using Laser-Induced Fluorescence Under Real Conditions
R. Balz and K.C. Heiniger

Effect of Diameter Ratio, Volume Fraction and Abrasive Grain Size on the Exit Velocity by Numerical Simulation of Flow Through Abrasive Water Suspension Jet Nozzle Using DOE
Deepak D, A. Devineni and N.Y. Sharma

Measuring the Water Temperature Changes Throughout the Abrasive Water Jet Cutting System
M. Jerman, H. Orbanic, I. Etxeberria, A. Suarez, M. Junkar and A. Lebar

 2009 American WJTA Conference & Expo (Houston, TX)

Uncertainty Components Interaction on the Water Jet Velocity Measurement by Laser Velocimetry
M. Annoni, M. Monno and G. Scarano

Study on Downhole Jet Flow Field of High Pressure PDC Bit with Dual-Flow Channel
Z. Wang, L. Xue, X. Wang and Y. Liu

Numerical Simulation of the Formation and Reattachment Length of Water Jet for Different Orifice Geometries
A.T. Basha, M. Annoni and M. Monno

Numerical Simulation of High-Speed Water Jet Flow with Cavitation by a Compressible Mixture Flow Model
G. Peng, S. Shimizu and S. Fujikawa

2007 American WJTA Conference (Houston, TX)

Numerical Approximation of Propellant Driven Water Projectile Launchers
K. Kluz, E.S. Geskin and O. Petrenko

The Simulation Model of High Pressure, Suspension Waterjet Cutting Process with Use of the Artificial Neural Network
A. Perec

Determination of Machinability and Abrasive Cutting Properties in AWJ Cutting
J. Zeng

Energy Based Modelling of Abrasive Slurry Jet
P. Nambiath, G. Galecki and D.A. Summers

Dynamic Analysis of the Spatial-Temporal Behaviour of the Cutting Front in Abrasive Waterjet Cutting
A. Henning and E. Westkämper