2021 WJTA Year-end Retrospective

2021 has been an eventful year for WJTA with progress on a number of key efforts and the launch of new programs.


The free live webinar program, launched in 2020, continued with monthly webinars from January to May. All recordings are archived for members in good standing to access on-demand through the WJTA website. Learn more

The 2021 Waterjet Technology Basics & Beyond Short Course was scheduled to be presented in conjunction with the 2021 WJTA Conference & Expo. With the cancellation of the conference, the short course will be held in a virtual format in January 2022. Learn more

Safety and Best Practices

Both WJTA manuals - Industry Best Practices for the Use of High Pressure Waterjetting Equipment and Recommended Practices for the Use of Industrial Vacuum Equipment - were revised in 2021 and published in a redesigned, full-color, spiral-bound format. The pocket-sized printings of the manuals were also updated with the new content.

The waterjetting best practices (orange book) manual was published in January 2021 in its second edition. (The orange book was previously published under a different title and has undergone several revisions since being introduced in 1985.) Learn more

The industrial vacuum recommended practices (blue book) manual was published in July 2021 in its fourth edition, having been first introduced in 2007. Learn more

Additionally, in May 2021 a new vacuum medical alert card was introduced for operators of industrial vacuum equipment. The card is similar to the waterjet medical alert card and provides information in the event of a vacuum suction injury. Learn more

Training and Certification

Progress has continued to expand the WJTA Hydroblaster Training and Certification throughout the United States with train-the-trainer sessions qualifying additional Verified Trainers to deliver the hands-on training.

In July/August 2021, a curriculum update was rolled out for both the computer-based Foundational Training (FT) and in-person Field Verification (FV) training. The update captured changes to the WJTA best practices while also expanding the hands-on training to include automated tube, pipe and surface cleaning disciplines. Learn more

In September 2021, the Health and Safety Council (HASC) launched a new delivery method for the computer-based FT module allowing it to be proctored remotely. The remote proctoring option allows FT to be delivered without the need for an in-person proctor throughout the 3-hour course, while ensuring the integrity of training results. Learn more

A separate resource was also developed in July to provide a brief training orientation for asset owners. The presentation - Hydroblasting for Permit Writers - is available to WJTA members on-demand or by contacting the association administrative office. Learn more

Finally, work to develop a Vacuum Operator Training and Certification has been launched with a draft of the computer-based Vacuum Foundational Training module developed in December 2021, and work currently underway on the instructor-led field training module.


In recognition of their outstanding contributions to the WJTA and the industry, Pat DeBusk and George Savanick, Ph.D., were made Life Members of the WJTA in June 2021. Mr. DeBusk and Dr. Savanick join founding WJTA member David Summers, Ph.D., as Life Members. Learn more

A new membership campaign was also launched in 2021 focused on the association's mission to advance safety and technology in our industry. Learn more

Board of Directors

WJTA's new board members and officers were elected and took office in November 2021. The election included the largest field of candidates in the association's history. Learn more


2021 also featured the launch of WJTA's new student scholarships, a brand-new program that will award four scholarships of $5,000 each to WJTA members or their spouses, dependents or grandchildren. Applications will be accepted through March 31, 2022. Learn more

WJTA Conference & Expo

The 2021 WJTA Conference & Expo was canceled in August, due to spiking COVID cases, feedback from participants, and stringent public health requirements for in-person meetings. With the cancellation, the awards presentation and technical conference paper presentations were postponed until the 2022 WJTA Conference & Expo. Learn more

Looking Ahead to 2022

The next year for WJTA will feature a focus on membership, the launch of vacuum operator training and certification, the Waterjet Technology Basics & Beyond Virtual Short Course, the return of the in-person WJTA Conference & Expo November 2-3, and much more.