Incident Report:
Water Cut to Upper Ankle and Shin

Sequence of events

3-man crew consisting of a confined space attendant and 2 entrants were going to make a vessel entry to remove packing. An automated rotojet had been used earlier for the packing removal and was still hooked up inside the vessel. The supervisor in charge of the job had taken a brief break and upon returning from break had assumed that the vessel entry crew was no longer with the vessel. Unknown to the vessel entry crew, the supervisor instructed his pump operator to re-energize the rotojet. One of the vessel entry personnel who was now inside the vessel made an attempt to get out of the vessel upon seeing the rotojet about to be fully energized. Before the employee could get out with the help of one of the attendants, the employee's right upper ankle, up to the front of his shin bone, was struck by the H.P. jet stream with approximately 3,500 psi of water.


Better communication between the supervisor and crew, as well as identifying and addressing any hazards associated with changes in a job/task to include setup or tooling changes.