Jetstream of Houston, LLP

Main Representative

  • Jordan Koster
    Product Manager
  • phone:  (832)590-1300

Jetstream of Houston, LLP
5905 Thomas Road Houston, Texas 77041-4904
United States of America

Business Description

Jetstream of Houston is a leading supplier of waterblast accessories and equipment for commercial and industrial cleaning and maintenance operations. Water is quickly becoming the preferred cleaning method among heavy industry as well as the surface preparation industry. Jetstream of Houston manufactures a complete line of waterblast products and systems from 6,000 to 40,000 psi. For over 30 years Jetstream products have led the industry in quality, ease of use, maintenance, and product safety.


Fittings, valves, lances, nozzles, and orifice inserts
Pumps- over 20 ksi
Rotary nozzles



Abrasive waterjet systems
Heat exchanger cleaning
Surface preparation
Tank cleaning