Idrojet S.R.L.

Main Representative

  • Fabio La Ferla
    General Manager
  • phone:  [39](095)7131125

Idrojet S.R.L.
Via Luigi Pirandello, 14 Camporotondo Etneo (CT), Catania 95040

Business Description

Advanced technological robotic equipment, featuring the Straddle Carrier Series 20T for the cleaning and transportation of heat exchangers, tubes for pipe lines, and more. Also available are high pressure water pumps, hydraulic extractors, flex lance semiautomated water blasting system, Orbital Idrojet spin-nozzle, a wide variety of lances and nozzles for service in chemical plants and oil refineries, the new dual rotating rigid lances robot till 40,000 psi of pressure, and the new stud pigging system machine for heater and decoking cleaning.


AWJ accessories (e.g., focusing tubes, cutting heads)
Power Transmission
Pumps- up to 20 ksi
Pumps- over 20 ksi


Industrial cleaning services (industrial plant cleaning/waterblasting, maintenance for the petrochemical, refining, and pipeline industries, etc.)
Rental equipment
Waterblast cleaning


Heat exchanger cleaning
Tank cleaning