Jet Edge

Main Representative

  • Steve Murray
  • phone:  763-497-8700

Jet Edge
12070 43rd Street NE St. Michael, Minnesota 55376-8427
United States of America

Business Description

Jet Edge has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing ultra-high pressure waterjet pumps since the technology came on line. Jet Edge abrasive waterjets are perfectly suited to steel-cutting in volatile gas-laden atmospheres. The pressure compensated hydraulic intensifier—the heart of the Jet Edge system, which can produce up to 55,000 psi operating pressures—has a major advantage over other systems in hazardous environments because safety relief valves and water dump systems are not required. In the unlikely event of a blockage, the Jet Edge intensifier simply holds its pressure until the reason for the stoppage is corrected or the pressure can be safely bled off. ‘Built to Last’ is part of our reputation.


AWJ accessories (e.g., focusing tubes, cutting heads)
Fittings, valves, lances, nozzles, and orifice inserts
Pumps- up to 20 ksi



Abrasive waterjet systems
Surface preparation
Tank cleaning