Thompson Industrial Services, LLC

Main Representative

  • Carl Wise
    Senior Business Development Manager
  • phone:  (800)849-8040

Thompson Industrial Services, LLC
104 N. Main Street Sumter, South Carolina 29150-4948
United States of America

Business Description

Thompson Industrial Services provides the broadest range of advanced specialized industrial cleaning services in the Southeast and Central US with Safety, Quality, and Integrity. Founded in 1986, it is headquartered in Sumter, SC with over 20 service locations and global operations. Thompson's comprehensive services include Outage Management, Automated Hydroblasting 12K, 20K, 40K PSI, Wet/Dry Vacuuming with automated capabilities, High Volume Hydroblasting 2,250 HP-1,200 GPM/10K PSI, UHP Hydro-Cutting, Chemical Cleaning, Dry Ice Blasting, Combustible Dust Remediation, Vacuum-Excavation Services, Specialized In-Situ SCR Catalyst Cleaning, Sponge Media Abrasive Blasting with reuse, & FINFOAM? Air-cooled Heat Exchanger Cleaning.


AWJ accessories (e.g., focusing tubes, cutting heads)
Hydrovac Water Heaters
Liquid ring trucks
Liquid vacuum trucks
Pumps- up to 20 ksi
Pumps- over 20 ksi


Industrial cleaning services (industrial plant cleaning/waterblasting, maintenance for the petrochemical, refining, and pipeline industries, etc.)
Vacuum Truck Services
Air mover
Liquid ring truck
Liquid vacuum truck
Sewer cleaner combination machine
Waterblast cleaning
AWJ cutting/field work
Industrial service technicians
Surface preparation


Abrasive waterjet systems
Heat exchanger cleaning
Sewer/pipe cleaning
Surface preparation
Tank cleaning