Tops Co., Ltd.

Main Representative

  • Chang-Hoon Choi
  • phone:  [82](55)333-7095
         fax:  [82](55)343-7095

Tops Co., Ltd.
19, Golden Root-ro 129 Beon-gil
Juchon-myeon Gimhae, Gyoungnam 621-842
Korea, Republic of

Business Description

TOPS Co., Ltd. is a waterjet cutting system manufacturing company in Korea; occupying more than 70% of the Korean waterjet market. Our technology provides optimized and customized system in each industries through creative innovation and constant challenge. Also, TOPS Co., Ltd. consistently develops its waterjet cutting system to meet requirement of future-based production solution for various industry such as steel, aluminum, metal, plastic, marble, glass, new material composite (i.e. CFRP).