Transfer Oil Inc.

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  • Tizianao Bozzuffi
    Marketing Manager
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Transfer Oil Inc.
537 Rankin Road Houston, Texas 77073
United States of America

Business Description

Since its beginning 40 years ago, Transfer Oil's innovative spirit, vision and passion has taken it to the forefront as a major thermoplastic hose manufacturer. That same spirit, innovation and passion is responsible for Transfer Oil's development of the HELIX line of UHP hose to 58,000 psi working pressure and our own product line of UHP adapters, valves, fittings, accessories, and tubing from 15,000 psi to 60,000 psi. Our UHP products are fully traceable through an integrated batch numbering system, in addition to being 100% proof pressure tested and certified before leaving our Houston, Texas assembly center and warehouse.


Fittings, valves, lances, nozzles, and orifice inserts