Tube Tech Industrial Ltd.

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  • Christian Chanel
    Vice President
  • phone:  (800)315-5320

Tube Tech Industrial Ltd.
6623 Willowbrook Park Houston, Texas 77066
United States of America

Business Description

Tube Tech International is recognized globally as a pioneer, leading the way in engineered cleaning and inspection services with a portfolio of ground-breaking remote and robotic solutions. Tube Tech's global reputation for achieving a high return on investment after the removal of fouling from heat transfer assets is unparalleled, even in some of the world's most challenging environments. From oil refining and petrochemicals to nuclear and sewage, Tube Tech has the expertise to deliver unrivalled cleaning and inspection solutions. Our portfolio of remote control and robotic cleaning methods includes solutions that can be applied while the plant remains online without shutdown.


Chemicals/water treatment


Surface preparation
Waterblast cleaning
Industrial cleaning services (industrial plant cleaning/waterblasting, maintenance for the petrochemical, refining, and pipeline industries, etc.)


Heat exchanger cleaning
Sewer/pipe cleaning
Surface preparation
Tank cleaning
Abrasive waterjet systems