RYCO Hydraulics, Inc.

Main Representative

  • Gordon Duff
    VP of Operations
  • phone:  (281)821-4100

RYCO Hydraulics, Inc.
1616 Greens Road Houston, Texas 77032
United States of America

Business Description

RYCO Hydraulics commenced manufacturing hoses, fittings and filters in 1946. As the hydraulic industry evolved, so did the company. Under the direction of Mr. W.J.K. Morrison and Mr. W.J. Hayward, the company expanded the product range and the main product line soon became quality high-pressure hydraulic hoses and fittings. RYCO specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of a comprehensive range of high-pressure hydraulic hoses and fittings. The company operates on a global scale, and its products service a wide range of industrial applications. Over the years, RYCO Hydraulics has established a commitment to quality, extensive research and product development, placing RYCO Hydraulics at the forefront of the hydraulic industry.