GHX Industrial, LLC

Main Representative

  • Meg Adams
    National Account Manager
  • phone:  713-341-5154

GHX Industrial, LLC
13311 Lockwood Road Houston, Texas 77044
United States of America

Business Description

GHX Industrial, LLC is a highly recognized value-added distributor and fabricator of industrial gaskets and hoses. With 39 locations across North America, we inventory a wide range of gasket materials, hoses, fittings, textiles, and expansion joints. GHX is able to cover a broad spectrum of applications for the industries we serve. GHX is a leader in providing solutions to static sealing (gaskets) and fluid transfer (hoses) with top quality fabrication, capabilities and programs tailored to help out customers in reducing downtime and increasing throughput.


Fittings, valves, lances, nozzles, and orifice inserts


Hydrostatic testing