TRUVAC by Vactor Mfg., Inc.

Main Representative

  • Dustin Rhodes
    Product Manager
  • phone:  (815) 672-3171

TRUVAC by Vactor Mfg., Inc.
1621 S. Illinois Street Streator, Illinois 61364
United States of America

Business Description

TRUVAC® Vacuum Excavators, brought to you by Vactor® Manufacturing, Incorporated. Digging smart means digging with equipment that does the job faster but also safer. It's about vacuum excavators that are as tough and as dependable as you are. After all, this isn't just work, it's about pride - the pride of the dirt on your boots and the mud on your tools. It's about doing the job the right way - because the right way is the only way you'll do it. Digging smart means digging safely. With greater precision, dependability, and service, TRUVAC helps you dig smart.


Sewer cleaner combination machine



Sewer/pipe cleaning