In Memoriam Kenneth C. Carroll

Ken Carroll

Kenneth C. Carroll passed away on Monday, March 20, 2023. Ken served as WJTA's association manager from 1988 through 2014, and under his leadership the association was able to grow, broaden its scope, and bring increased value to its members. Ken worked closely with the WJTA board of directors, committees, and members to determine how to meet the industry's needs and to promote the association.

In response to a need for guidance around industrial vacuum equipment, Ken was instrumental in the development of the Recommended Practices for the Use of Industrial Vacuum Equipment, the companion vacuum safety video, and a series of seminars on the safe operation of industrial vacuum equipment.

Ken coordinated the first WJTA-IMCA Expo in 2010, expanding the WJTA's biennial conferences to an annual event in a larger venue, with a focus on exhibits, live demonstrations, and educational sessions.

In 2013, Ken was presented with the Pioneer Award, the highest recognition and honor presented by the WJTA, in recognition of his significant contributions to the advancement and development of the association.

2013 Pioneer Award

Ken was a partner in Birenbaum & Associates, an association management/labor relations consultant firm. Before joining Birenbaum & Associates, he was vice president of labor relations for Coca Cola Midwest and director of negotiations for a teamsters union. Ken was experienced in association management, employer/employee relations, operating policies, and personnel rules. He attended the Trade Union Program at Harvard Business School, the Annual Performance Review System at Wharton Business College, and the Job Evaluation Program at the University of Wisconsin.