Candidates Sought for 2023 WJTA Awards

2022 WJTA Awards

Members are invited to submit candidates for special awards presented by the WJTA. Awards honor a company, organization, or individual who has made a significant contribution to the industry through accomplishments that directly enhance waterjet technology and/or industrial vacuuming. 

Award recipients will be selected by the WJTA Board of Directors and honored at a presentation ceremony on Tuesday, October 31, in conjunction with the 2023 WJTA Conference & Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

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WJTA Awards

Distinguished Pioneer Award – The nominee must have made contributions to the waterjet, vacuum and/or industrial cleaning industries; have made contributions to the achievement of the goals of WJTA; have high moral character; have strong personal and business ethics; and be dedicated to the future of the waterjet, vacuum and/or industrial cleaning industries and to the growth of WJTA

Service Award – How has the nominated company, organization, or individual contributed in time and talent toward improvement in the industry or in the WJTA?

Technology Award – What has the nominated company, organization, or individual done to introduce new and innovative ideas in engineering or manufacturing? This could include, but is not limited to, new products, new manufacturing techniques, patents…any unique activity that advanced the technology of the waterjet, vacuum and/or industrial cleaning industries.

Safety Award – What has the nominated company, organization, or individual done to introduce new and innovative ideas in safety? This could include, but is not limited to new products, new concepts, new safety techniques…any unique activity that increases the overall safety of waterjet, vacuum and/or industrial cleaning equipment.

2022 WJTA Awards

Awards Nominations

Nominations will be accepted through September 1, 2023.

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Previous Award Recipients

A list of previous WJTA award recipients appears below:

2022 Pioneer Award - Monte Black
Safety Award - Rick Pitman
Service Award - Lawrence Bay
Technology Award - Doug Wright
2021 Pioneer Award - Hans Borgt
Safety Award - Doug McGee
Service Award - Mikaela Larkin
Technology Award - Paul Miller
2019 Pioneer Award - Gary Noto
Pioneer Award - Michael Pao, Ph.D.
Safety Award - Kerry Siggins
Special Recognition for Service and Safety - Doug McGee and WJTA Safety Committee for High Pressure
2017 Safety Award - Terydon, Inc.
2016 Safety Award - WJTA High Pressure Safety Committee and Owner Working Group for High Pressure Safety
2015 Pioneer Award - Lydia Frenzel, Ph.D.
Safety Award - BASF Corporation and The Dow Chemical Company
Service Award - Kathy Krupp
Technology Award - StoneAge, Inc.
2013 Pioneer Award - Kenneth C. Carroll
Safety Award - WOMA Corporation
2011 Pioneer Award - Bill McClister
Technology Award - Jerry Zink
2009 Pioneer Award - John Wolgamott
Safety Award - Gary W. Toothe and Philip Stein
Service Award - Bill McClister
Technology Award - Seiji Shimizu, Ph.D.
2007 Pioneer Award - Forrest Shook
Safety Award - Vacuum Equipment Safety Committee
Service Award - Tony Fuller and Jim Petillo
Technology Award - Mamidala Ramulu, Ph.D.
2005 Pioneer Award - Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Louis
Safety Award - TurtleSkin WaterArmor
Service Award - NLB Corporation
Technology Award - Jay Zeng, Ph.D.
2003 Pioneer Award - Pat DeBusk
Service Award - Mohamed Hashish, Ph.D.
Technology Award - Ernest S. Geskin, Ph.D.
2001 Pioneer Award - George A. Savanick, Ph.D.
Technology Award - Richard Ward
1999 Pioneer Award - Mohamed Hashish, Ph.D.
Safety Award - Bruce Wood
Service Award - John Wolgamott
Technology Award - Ryoji Kobayashi, Ph.D.
1997 Pioneer Award - David A. Summers, Ph.D.
Service Award - Andrew F. Conn, Ph.D.
Technology Award - Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Louis
1995 Pioneer Award - George Rankin
Safety Award - Autoclave Engineers
Service Award - Thomas J. Labus
Technology Award - Thomas J. Kim, Ph.D.
1993 Pioneer Award - Fun-Den Wang, Ph.D.
Safety Award - David Summers, Ph.D., and NLB Corporation
Service Award - George A. Savanick, Ph.D. and Mohan Vijay, Ph.D.
Technology Award - Mohamed Hashish, Ph.D., Autoclave Engineers and Hammelmann Corporation
1991 Pioneer Award - John H. Olsen, Ph.D.
1989 Pioneer Award - Richard Paseman
1987 Pioneer Award - Norman Franz, Ph.D.
1985 Pioneer Award - William Cooley, D.Sc.
1983 Pioneer Award - H.D. Stephens
1981 Pioneer Award - Jacob Frank