Call for Nominations - 2023 WJTA Board of Directors

Nominations for the WJTA Board of Directors are open. The duties of the directors are truly challenging and rewarding. WJTA members are encouraged to get involved in the election process, nominate fellow members for a seat on the board and VOTE!

Nominations are sought for six (6) board members, each to serve a four-year term of office beginning Monday, October 30, 2023.

The terms of office of Jim Ashmead, DuPont Specialty Products, Bradley Coble, Covestro LLC, Luis Garcia, Northern Safety & Industrial, Bill McClister, Consultant, Kerry Siggins, StoneAge Inc., and Drew Waltenbaugh, NLB Corporation, will expire on October 30, 2023.

The WJTA bylaws provide that no more than one of the elected board members may be from the same company or organization. Therefore, board members may not be nominated from the same company or organization already represented on the board by individuals whose terms expire in 2025, including Augusta Industrial Services (David Beckum), SPIR STAR (Jerry Carter), USA DeBusk (Dee Green), Jetstream of Houston LLP (Bill Krupowicz), MPW Industrial Services (Jimmy Peck), and Evergreen North America (Bill Shaw).

According to the WJTA bylaws, any WJTA member in good standing (2023 membership dues paid) may submit a nomination(s). A nominee who has not paid her/his 2023 membership dues by March 31, 2023, shall be declared ineligible to run for office in the 2023 election. The deadline for making nominations is March 31, 2023. Your nomination(s) should reach the WJTA office no later than March 31, 2023.

Please note that a recent revision to the WJTA bylaws makes ineligible for nomination any individual who has served four (4) or more terms on the WJTA Board of Directors.

To submit a nomination(s), complete the Nomination Form (pdf) and return, along with a biographical sketch and a statement of your nominee’s mission and vision for WJTA, by email: wjta@wjta.org or by mail: WJTA, 906 Olive Street, Suite 1200, St. Louis, MO 63101-1448, USA.