Call for Educational Topics

WJTA is asking for your input on the educational program for the 2022 WJTA Conference & Expo, November 1-3 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The educational program provides participants a unique opportunity to bring back actionable information to improve their business. What are the options to present at WJTA 2022?

Boot Camp

  • 30-minute presentations
  • Must be educational and non-commercial topics of interest to the general audience
  • Selected by Conference Education Committee
  • Submission deadline is March 15
Boot Camp examples from previous conferences:

  • Shutdowns/Turnarounds – It’s Not Rocket Science
  • Well Abandonment Abrasive Water Cutting with 40k psi
  • Physics of Waterjets Applied to Applications
  • Fall Protection Best Practices
  • Proper Bonding and Grounding Practices in Mobile and Vacuum Truck Operations

Boot Camp sessions are educational, non-commercial and of general interest to most WJTA attendees. Topics generally cover aspects of waterjetting, vacuum loading, and industrial cleaning safety, technology, or market/business environment.

Sessions generally include 25 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of question and answer but may be longer for special topics. Topics are selected by the Education Committee to create an overall educational schedule that is timely and informative for attendees. Due to scheduling constraints, the number of Boot Camp sessions is limited.

Technical Conference Papers/Case Studies

  • 20-minute presentation and paper published in Conference Proceedings and WJTA website
  • Papers are reviewed by Paper Review Committee and Best Paper Award is presented
  • Submission deadline extended to March 31
Conference Paper examples from previous conferences:

  • Safety Considerations for Low Pressure Cleaning Applications
  • Abrasive Surface Treatment with Liquid CO2
  • Pipe Threads – What is the Limit

Conference sessions offer an opportunity to present and publish original research, testing or case studies. This is an opportunity to drill down into a very specific topic. Papers will be reviewed for technical accuracy.

The WJTA Conference Proceedings are often referenced for both theory and practical applications.