Remote Proctoring for WJTA Foundational Training

A new remote proctoring option WJTA’s computer-based Hydroblaster Foundational Training (FT) is available now. This new delivery option increases the ease of access to the course within the United States, creating an alternative to delivery through a safety council or proctored tablet streaming.

The remote proctoring option developed by the Health and Safety Council (HASC) allows trainees to complete the FT course from any computer with a camera while being remotely monitored to ensure program integrity. The new option eliminates the need to have a proctor onsite monitoring the training throughout the 3-hour course.

WJTA’s FT module, which was recently updated with content revisions, provides trainees with an overview of hydroblasting safety best practices, which are then reinforced in the instructor-led, hands-on Field Verification (FV) training.

WJTA’s partnership with HASC enables state-of-the-art instruction and delivery methods for the association’s hydroblaster training and certification program.

For more information on WJTA training and certification, contact Peter Wright at wrightp@wjta.org.