Congratulations to Newly Elected WJTA Board Members

The following candidates have been elected to the WJTA Board of Directors for four-year terms of office beginning October 2021:

  • David Beckum, Augusta Industrial Services
  • Jerry Carter, SPIR STAR
  • Dee Green, USA DeBusk
  • Bill Krupowicz, Jetstream of Houston
  • Jimmy Peck, MPW Industrial Services
  • Bill Shaw, Evergreen North America

The seventh and eighth highest vote getters have been elected for two-year terms of office to fill unexpired vacancies on the Board beginning October 2021:

  • Bradley Coble, Covestro
  • Bill McClister, Consultant

Board members who continue to serve current terms on the Board of Directors are Jim Ashmead, DuPont Specialty Products, Luis Garcia, Northern Safety and Industrial, Kerry Siggins, StoneAge, Inc., and Drew Waltenbaugh, NLB Corp.

Many thanks to WJTA's retiring board members Bill Gaff, Gary Noto, and George Savanick, Ph.D. for their service to the WJTA and the industry.