Medical Alert Card Introduced for Vacuum Operators

Over 250,000 of the WJTA’s water cut medical alert cards have been distributed since the pocket-sized cards were introduced in 2000. WJTA recommends operators of high pressure equipment carry these cards so that in the event of a water injection incident information from the cards can be provided to the healthcare provider on the possible nature of the injury. Even water pressures below 1,000 psi can penetrate the skin, and although a water cut may appear to be a small pinprick, there is the possibility of internal damage and infection risk that must be considered when treating the injury.

WJTA is introducing a similar informational card for operators of industrial vacuum equipment. Industrial vacuum equipment can produce powerful suction presenting a potentially serious hazard to operators. If a body part comes in contact with the vacuum hose end under suction, the resulting injury can be severe with internal damage and dangerous pooling of fluid in the extremities. The new card provides information on the possible nature and treatment of such a vacuum incident.

The card is based on wording developed by Tommy Hysler, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer of the Health and Safety Council (HASC) after researching standing protocols and documented medical case studies. The new cards are available now through the Online Store on the WJTA website or by contacting the WJTA office at wjta@wjta.org.