WJTA Releases New 2021 Edition Orange Book

Updated best practices for waterjetting equipment includes extensive revisions and full-color redesign

2021 Best Practices

The new second edition of WJTA's Industry Best Practices for the Use of High Pressure Waterjetting Equipment manual is available now with significant updates including:

  • Extensive revision and updates
  • Full color illustrations and photographs
  • New definitions and glossary updates
  • Newly reorganized table of contents
  • New appendices including a sample JSA and checklist

The WJTA best practices form the basis of the association's hydroblast operator training and certification program and are referenced extensively by contractors, manufacturers, asset owners, regulators, researchers, consultants and more. The manual is the latest update to the WJTA orange book, first published in 1985 as the Recommended Practices for the Use of Manually Operated High Pressure Waterjetting Equipment.

The Industry Best Practices includes information about: responsibility, hazards, personal protective equipment, operational and training requirements, pre-operating procedures, waterjet team, operational procedures, care and maintenance of equipment, automated equipment, permanent cleaning areas, design criteria, definitions, sample job safety analysis (JSA) and sample pre-job checklist.

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  • 1 to 10 copies - $12 Member / $20 Non-member
  • 11-99 manuals - $10 Member / $16 Non-member
  • 100 or more manuals - $8 Member / $13 Non-member

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