WJTA Launches Hands-on Hydroblaster Training

May 14, 2020, St. Louis, MO – In response to the need for standardized hydroblasting training and credentials, the WaterJet Technology Association (WJTA) has launched a complete Hydroblaster Operator Certification Program. The program is based on the association’s Industry Best Practices for the Use of High Pressure Waterjetting Equipment, which have been the industry’s primary reference for safe and effective hydroblasting operations in North America and beyond since the mid-1980s.

Contractors’ training programs can vary widely throughout the industry and in different regions. Similarly, the training requirements of asset owners can vary between companies. This creates challenges for Asset Owners and Contractors pertaining to contractor safety, cleaning methods, operational proficiency, and overall cleaning effectiveness for the following reasons:

  • A significant portion of the industrial cleaning workforce moves between contracting companies or leaves the industry all together. This creates a need for frequent re-training of new hires on entry-level safety.
  • Without a widely adopted industry standard for training and certification, it’s challenging for contractors to develop and maintain an adequate culture of safety
  • Asset Owners do not have a way of ensuring that contractors have acceptable levels of training to perform work on their equipment.

To help address these issues, WJTA has partnered with the Houston Area Safety Council (HASC) to develop hands-on and computer-based training modules. With WJTA as the subject matter expert and HASC providing a world-class database and verification system, as well as expertise on craft workforce development, the Hydroblaster Operator Training and Certification Program is a significant step forward for increasing safety and proficiency in the industry.

The first credential in the program is Foundational Training (FT), a three-hour computer-based training module and examination. The FT module is hosted at the HASC and is available onsite at any safety council in the Association of Reciprocal Safety Council (ARSC) network. Additional delivery solutions are in available upon request for companies outside the vicinity of HASC or a Safety Council within the ARSC networks.

The Foundational Training provides an overview of the industry’s best practices with multiple choice quizzes throughout the course to verify knowledge and reinforce key takeaways. Because the FT module is delivered through the HASC system, updates to WJTA’s best practices are delivered instantly to anywhere the FT course is given.

After successfully completing the FT module, prospective operators can undergo instruction and assessment to gain the Field Verification (FV) credential. FV training is a daylong course which includes classroom training, hands-on instruction, and hands-on skills assessment – all led by a WJTA-approved Verified Trainer (VT). Trainees in the FV course receive instruction on pre-job inspection, manual shotgunning, flex lancing, rigid lancing and moleing, as well as system setup, inspection and teardown.

To assure consistency of training delivery, the WJTA will approve Master Trainers to oversee the program. Master Trainer responsibilities include instructing and evaluating the Verified Trainers, conducting audits of FV training sessions, approving Verified Training Sites, and ongoing training program development in alignment the WJTA’s industry best practices.

The vision of WJTA and HASC is to increase safety and standard hydroblast practices across the industry by providing a high-quality, consistent training program and transferable credential for entry level operators. Upon completion of the program, operators can build on their Foundational and Field Verification training to continue gaining expertise and experience in the field under the mentorship of an experienced, accredited supervisor operating in alignment with WJTA’s recommended practices. The credential will reduce contractors’ requirements for re-training, provide a scalable training solution for companies of all sizes, and will enable Asset Owners to verify the training of contract workers entering their facilities.

To find out how to acquire Foundational Training and Field Verification training, contact Peter Wright at the WJTA. Thank you for your commitment towards a safer and more productive industrial cleaning industry.

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