New Third Edition Vacuum Equipment Recommended Practices

Third Edition Vacuum Equipment Manual

The WJTA's popular vacuum equipment reference, the Recommended Practices for the Use of Industrial Vacuum Equipment, has been revised and updated, and is available now in a new third edition.

The association's Vacuum Equipment Safety Committee undertook a full review of the second edition manual, which was published in 2013. Updates to standards and safety references were taken into account, as well as asset owner site requirements and current contractor best practices.

The new manual includes a new section on pneumatic/air excavation and extensive best practices procedures for loading and off-loading flammables and combustibles. Grounding and bonding practices have also been significantly updated with more detailed recommendations.

Other updates include PPE requirements, loading oxidizers, hydro-excavation wands, trench safety, safety with emissions control devices, barricading and vacuum hose routing, and cargo temperature hazards.

The new manual is available through the WJTA Online Store or by contacting the WJTA office.

WJTA Members: click here to access an informal differential sheet comparing revisions between the second and third edition manual .