Live Demonstrations

The Original High Pressure Live Demos

Since 1991 WJTA-IMCA has hosted the popular outdoor live demonstrations, covering a range of techniques including waterblasting, surface preparation, waterjet cutting, hydro-excavation, hydrodemolition, dry ice blasting, tube bundle lancing and more.

The 2014 Live Demos feature a wide range of innovative new equipment and tools that you will not want to miss! See the following participants Oct. 14-15, 8-10:30 a.m., and scroll down for detailed descriptions:

  • CESCO/AquaMiser
  • Hammelmann Corp.
  • Jetstream of Houston, LLP
  • Keith Huber Corporation
  • NLB Corp.
  • PSI Pressure Systems Corp.
  • Peinemann Equipment B.V.
  • StoneAge, Inc.
  • Stutes Enterprise Systems, Inc.
  • Terydon, Inc.
  • TurtleSkin by Warwick Mills

CESCO/AquaMiser -

CESCO manufactures the Aqua Miser Ultra Boss high pressure waterblasters, water filtration, closed-loop containment rooms, and safety suits. CESCO will demonstrate the D-115 Aqua Miser 40,000 psi water blaster with the patented Boss Abrasive Injection system for surface preparation. It profiles steel much like sandblasting with very little abrasive and zero dust. 

Hammelmann Corp. -

Hammelmann  will be demonstrating the most recent state of the art water blasting system, controls and accessories available on the market today.

Jetstream of Houston, LLP -

Jetstream of Houston will be demonstrating two automated lancing tools for tube cleaning, the Terydon SHR-39 and StoneAge AutoBox 500. The 40,000 psi SHR-39 hose reel features a compact, dual flex lancing system that contains the reel for safety and can fit into spaces as small as 24”. The StoneAge AutoBox 500 pressure rating exceeds 40,000 psi with hands-free hose control through pneumatic pressure rollers and drive rollers allowing the hose and fittings to move freely forward and backward all in a small portable box. 

Keith Huber Corporation -

Keith Huber Corporation is delighted to introduce to the market the Knight PD. The Knight PD is an air-mover capable of 6100 CFM and designed to excel at a variety of wet/dry operations. This all-in-one machine incorporates the deep vacuum of the Knight for ultimate versatility and minimal project time. Like the legendary Knight LR, the Knight PD has the ability to pressure offload. Keith Huber representatives will demonstrate the  innovative Huber Master Control. The technology incorporated into the Huber Mast Control allows the operator to switch from wet to dry product at the push of a button, zero downtime.

NLB Corp. -

NLB will demonstrate the Automated Remote Manipulator (ARM) - a water jet system that increases operator protection and improves productivity for a diverse range of applications. It has an operator controlled arm that can manipulate a variety of accessories from the safety of a climate-controlled cab, using convenient joystick controls to start and stop the flow of high pressure water (up to 40,000 psi, or 2,760 bar). NLB will also be featuring the new Mini-ARM. The Mini-Arm is maneuverable, wirelessly controlled water blasting system that can be operated from up to 600 feet away. It can be used for applications such as product removal and light concrete hydrodemolition. 

PSI Pressure Systems Corp. -

Come see PSI Pressure System’s revolutionary high-pressure water jetting pumps blast a tube bundle with the Smart Water Systems M1-H Multi-Functional Mobile Platform.  The M1-H is a semi-automated robot rated for pressures up to 40,000 psi (2,800 bar) and designed to place a variety of application tools at the jobsite while operators stay hand-free and a safe distance away from the high-pressure water.

Peinemann Equipment B.V. -

Peinemann will demonstrate flex lance and rigid lance heat exchanger cleaning machines.

StoneAge, Inc. -

StoneAge will demonstrate the features and operation of our new Autobox ABX-2L automated flex lancing machine and lightweight positioner. The demonstration will illustrate the portability, quick set-up and intuitive operation of the new ABX-2L. We will also showcase the full remote operation of the system and its integration with the versatile new positioner. We will conclude by pairing the ABX-2L with our industry standard Banshee rotating nozzles for a live demonstration of exchanger tube cleaning. 

Stutes Enterprise Systems -

For the 2014 WJTA-IMCA live demonstration Stutes Enterprise Systems is proud to introduce two Automated Systems.  The Hydra-X Pad Dragon is the most multipurpose pad work system in the waterjetting industry with unrivaled range of motion and quick change technology.  The Stingray 2.0 Robotic Flex Lance System will showcase the enhancements in operator safety and durability for clean-in-place systems.

Terydon, Inc. -

Terydon Inc. continues to solidify itself has an industry leader in abrasive cutting by demonstrating its official release of the Wireless Jack Track Cutting System.  Using an Android Smart Tablet as a touch-screen control, this cutting system upgrade includes the technological implementation of the safety dead-man switch, water on/off, variable digital feed rates, free-fall sensor, data collection, and more!

TurtleSkin by Warwick Mills -

Seeing is believing! TurtleSkin will provide a live demonstration of its MFA WaterArmor PPE system’s resistance to UHP waterjet. This flexible component PPE system is certified standard of 40,000 psi (2,800 bar), 0 deg. waterjet at the standoff of 3 inches (7.6 cm), and a swipe speed of 1.6 ft/sec (0.5 m/sec), at a flow of 5.5 gal/min (21 L/min).