Setcom Corporation

Main Representative

  • Lori Oquendo
    Inside Account Executive / Sales and Marketing Operations
  • phone:  650-965-8020

Setcom Corporation
3019 Alvin DeVane Blvd. Suite 560 Austin, Texas 78741
United States of America

Business Description

Setcom is a leading manufacturer of wireless headset intercoms for industrial situations and environments. Setcom offers highly ruggedized headset systems for for demanding, high-noise environments such as waterjetting, hydroblasting and hyrdovac excavation applications. Setcom's systems are designed to enhance worker and operator safety through improved communications and hearing protection. System options range from a headset system for a single user to headset and intercom systems for team and crew communication. With the most features and functionality at an affordable cost, Setcom is certain to have a system available to meet your crews’ needs. Portable and mobile radio integration is available with several of Setcom’s systems.


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