Upcoming Webinar - 22,000 psi – Enough Power to Cut 12-inch Steel?

On Thursday, April 15, 2021, WJTA will be hosting the webinar 22,000 psi – Enough Power to Cut 12-inch Steel? presented by Ulf Behrens, ConSus-ANT/ANT AG.

The two abrasive water jet (AWJ) technologies - abrasive water injection jet (AWIJ) and abrasive water suspension jet (AWSJ) - have one big difference: AIR.

The abrasive water suspension jet (also called slurry jet or water abrasive suspension [WAS] jet) cuts almost any technical material under exclusion of air. The abrasive is premixed with water in a pressure tank and thereafter transported to the cutting nozzle as a suspension liquid.

The abrasive water injection jet (also called entrainment jet) introduces the abrasive with the venturi effect within a mixing chamber into the water stream. It won´t be able to cut through a 12 inch steel bar with 22000 psi, due to air in the waterjet.

The water abrasive suspension (WAS) method is able to cut even thicker materials at this low pressure. The abrasive is mixed into the water stream already under pressure, thus air will be excluded. A patented lock system allows a continuous cutting process.

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